Quick Steps To Get hop link from ClickBank Affiliate

Today I want to show you real quick , how to get your ClickBank Affiliate link  . So if you’re an affiliate marketer , and if you’re brand new to this business to this industry , you must follow these quick steps .

Clickbank is one of the first places that you’re going to go to get access to ClickBank Affiliate products , to be able to promote and send them out there on the internet , and get commission

first you must regest in clickbank and create account then you must learn the most terms of affiliate to can choose the rhght product

How to get  links from ClickBank Affiliate ?

clickbank affiliate
clickbank affiliate


First of all you want to pull up the internet , okay and in the address bar you just want to go to the clickbank website . So go to their website and then up in the top right hand corner , there’s going to be an option to login , if you haven’t created an account with clickbank .

Yet you’re going to choose the option right below that where it says sign up , but if you already have an account , just go ahead and login at the top right corner , and then you’re going to put in your username and password .

Once you get here you want to go up to the marketplace right , so right up here is the marketplace you’re going to choose that option .  This is where you can find all these different products to promote , and the product categories are here on the left hand side .


clickbank affiliate
clickbank affiliate



So there’s a lot of different categories that you can choose from . Choose from the categories okay , so if I was choosing from arts and entertainment and I wanted to promote this offer , right here called superior singing method , doesn’t matter which product it is .

Then click promote and to get your ClickBank Affiliate link from next to each product information here it has this button right here that says promote you’re just going to click this promote option here it pulls up a new window and from here you just make sure that your account nickname is already in there you don’t change that that stays the same okay do not change the account nickname .

clickbank affiliate
clickbank affiliate


The second option to get affiliate link

Here is optional this is where you can put in some tracking information , so if you’re going to be promoting this offer in multiple different places . so you’re going to put it out on 7 search com , or if you’re going to put it on Facebook , or if you’re gonna do some banner advertising or on your blog , or you’re promoting it in an email you know you’d want to set up appropriate tracking ID accordingly .

So if I was putting it in seven search I’ve maybe put seven s , so I know it’s seven search , if I’m going to promote it on being , maybe just fill out being if I was going to put it in an email , I would put email so you kind of get the idea .

I’m just going to leave it blank , and then all you have to do is hit this option right here , that says create and it pulls up , two seperate affiliate links . The second one here is for , if you have your own website or blog and you’re embedding it into your page , using HTML code in most cases , you do not need to do worry about this particular link , the main link is this first one all in black right here .


clickbank affiliate
clickbank affiliate

simple way to get Affiliate link from ClickBank watch this video


So if you click on it it’s gonna automatically highlight it and then you can right click on it and choose copy or you can hit ctrl C for copy on your keyboard to copy it ctrl C or right-click and select copy then it’s just a matter of taking that ClickBank Affiliate link and putting it out there on an advertisement in it somewhere so if somebody’s asks you I need your ClickBank Affiliate link this is how you get it right here from Clickbank  .

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