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What is AdMob in AdSense

 What is AdMob in AdSense, Admob is for mobile advertising Adsense

is for advertising on your site to make money.

What is AdMob in AdSense

Mobile advertising is bursting.

Because developers and publishers have grown their chances in the last few years to make money through mobile advertising.

There are much marketing and achieving income options for apps,

but as far as advertising is concerned.

Google is responsible for that However, there was a mix between

what developers and publishers should use AdMob or AdSense?

In a post on your mobile ad blog, Google said:

Admob is for developers of mobile apps.

Adsense is for web publishers mobile devices”.

Google tweaks each service to fit the needs of its target community.

AdSense users switched to AdMob earlier this year for Mobile Applications beta.

AdMob is now the primary application developer – specific solution.

On the flip side, Google now offers Adsense to mobile Web publishers as

a specialized service.

AdMob support for older mobile WAP websites is going to stop working as such.

For high – end devices, AdMob for the mobile web will be available longer, but will eventually also be phased out.

Google suggests using its primary Web ad interface for advertisers, AdWords, to use the Google Display Network to reach older WAP devices.

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Wrote Clay Bavor

Wrote Clay Bavor, Google’s mobile ads product manager.

“We know these kinds of transitions can cause some extra work for

our customers, But we are confident that products are tailored to

the specific needs of developers of apps and web publishers

We will be in a position to offer the best technology and reporting,

tools that are easiest to use, high-quality advertisements,

and as much income as possible”.

Mobile Web publishers and app developers will be confused as this transition is being made by Google.

Developers and publishers will be wondering When and how the service can pay them They leave as they move to the other.

Old process for older apps that were “set it and forget it” and WAP sites will also need platforms to be changed. 

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