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What is Google Search Console ?

We will talk about Google Search Console,

such as its concept in short,

and the most important points that include the advantages of using Google Search Console,

until achieving a benefit to your website.

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Google Search Console

Google Search Console is a free service that allows you to learn a lot about your website and its visitors.

such as you can use it to find out how many people visit your site and how they find it,

whether more people use a mobile device or a desktop computer to visit your site,

and which pages are most popular on your website.

You can also find and fix errors on the website, submit a sitemap, and create a robots.txt file and check it.

To visit their web site click here.

Most important 3 points that include the advantages of using Google Search Console

1- Google search console is controlled by Google Search Rankings

There are the most powerful ways to improve Google rankings.

These improvements include three important points:

Highly relevant collection of data

The purpose of this tool is to collect and store relevant website data– approximately 10,000 pages in this Search Console section. From having detailed graphs to any subsequent markup errors about the number of structured data elements found on the website. You can also download the sharing or offline review error reports.

Improvisations with HTML

If you need to know exactly how many of your landing pages 404 errors have been found,

by using this console you can get the data in no time as it collects detected error reports during their regular website crawls.

while common mistakes such as missing tags, Identify and flag duplicate titles, severe steps are taken against their mistakes.

Looking for analytics

One of the console’s most important roles is to provide insights for better performance in the rankings and to get organic traffic from the same.

This console mainly performs all-around search analytics at one location With improved CTRs, most connected domains, and text anchor.

2- Crawling and indexing in Google

A quick look at it give you a clear idea of how the indexed pages will increase or decrease and help you to understand exactly what part of the website needs to work.

But Crawling is Features are helpful in finding errors like 404, 500, etc during crawling, which are kept in separate segments for easy fixing.

This console gives you all at once previews. especially If you switch between different interfaces such as desktop, mobile smartphone, mobile XHTML and mobile cHTML to get an idea of how different devices look and feel the same thing.

3. Sitemaps

Ever Do you ask your self what is a sitemap for a website?

It’s maps of your website that guide the Google bots in the same way.

Google bots know all the pages exactly where they are located.

With google search console, You can see the number of pages submitted and how many pages are indexed in fact.

GSC also warns you about a lot of important messages Like crawling errors, notification security issues, etc.

The Google Search Console helps you track every small detail of your website.

To achieve better search rankings that may prove to be extremely important.

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