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Enhancing Bank Office Services through Hot Desk Software Innovation

Enhancing Bank Office Services through Hot Desk Software Innovation

Providing outstanding banking customer service is a priority. Services like handling bank appointments that meet client satisfaction are crucial in the financial industry. For that reason, financial institutions accommodate their clients in the best way they can.

Hot Desk Software Innovation
Hot Desk Software Innovation

Transitioning from human to technical services can serve bank customers better. Moreover, since the financial industry is one of the most highly dense businesses regarding their daily customers, it is necessary to place CDC health protocols to prevent or reduce the chances of viral transmission in the building.


One way of maximizing the bank service operation is to upgrade the bank appointment system through software applications. A great example of that is hot desk software. It is an innovation specialized for scheduling, bookings, space utilization, and more. It helps respond to health protocols while also customizable depending on how the bank office uses it.


Furthermore, here is how the software improves bank service management.


Uses of Hot Desk Software in Bank Offices


#1 Seamless reservation for a bank office appointment


One of the primary functions of the software is booking a reservation. Bank offices allow their customers to book their appointment with the help of hot desk software. They can make a reservation ahead of time and see the availability schedule. 


The software also supports lobby kiosk machines that enable contactless reservations for customers who visit on the same day. The systematized booking lets customers avoid long queues and contact-free processes since they will not need to ask personnel about it.


#2 Deployment of self-service check-in via QR code


The booking software integrates with a QR code scanner. It allows the visitors to have contactless check-in and check-out from their reserved office or teller appointment. Hence, it gives the advantage of lessening the chances of COVID transmission. 


In addition, it goes with digital signage placed within the waiting area. The moment an appointee checks out after the finished transaction, it automatically displays the availability for the next appointment on the digital signage.


#3 Promotes space management efficiency


Since offices need to practice social distancing, the software, also known as desk booking software, helps maintain it. It promotes space utilization as bank managers can limit the number of visitors inside the office. It can also monitor the seat spaces for the waiting area to ensure the one-meter apart regulation. 


It also works with display board notification if the bank office is wholly occupied or has space availability. It helps the walk-in customers realize if they will have a chance to be accommodated. The software saves time for the customers while the bank management efficiently uses its workspace.


#4 Effective temperature and mask monitoring


The hot desk software features a thermal scanner and mask detection. So instead of the usual manual checking of temperature and taking it down through paper logs, the app can do so. It checks everyone’s body temperature and notifies the bank personnel if anyone is not wearing a face mask through its detector.


It can be easy to track the record in an outbreak as the software supports cloud storage that keeps a record of everyday visitors. Thus, the bank manager can ask the administration to retrieve and present the data of checked-in users’ when the infected person was in the vicinity.


#5 Automated office sanitation scheduling


This feature helps the bank office maintain efficient sanitation while keeping the CDC protocols. The bank personnel or manager can set a time for the cleaning committee to sanitize a particular area. For example, the management can make a target number of appointments to complete or select a specific time before notifying for sanitation. This function ensures safety for the clients and the bank workers, and the cleaning team.

Advantages of Hot Desking in Bank Service Office


The use of hot desk application software delivers an efficient bank management service. Moreover, it also has advantages for the bank workers and its customers.


Systematized bank office management


The scheduling software lets the bank administrator systematize office scheduling and manage agent calendars, including the list of appointments and reschedule one, and resource availability. It also stores the working hours of bank personnel, the client appointment duration and type, and coordination of management permissions like utilization of equipment.


Utilizing workspace for employees and clients


This software, also known as co-working space booking software, has a significant advantage in office utilization. Bank branch heads can effectively use every office space with systematic scheduling. While the clients, as said above, it avoids chances of either vacant seats or overbooking.


Minimize operational costs


It reduces operational costs as streamlined scheduling ensures the wise utilization of resources. Some of it includes cross-cutting paper materials by task, like appointments made through digital. And an office that observes health protocol since prevention protects business costs.

Increase bank client satisfaction

As the software is easy to use and interface-friendly, it gives a convenient experience for the customers. The self-service scheduling allows the clients to decide their desired time of appointment depending on the time availability of the office. 

It also makes them feel secure as it strictly observes health protocols. The automated sanitation and the digital body temperature monitoring and face mask use ensure a safe vicinity.


Providing good client service and an efficient workplace ensures productivity for everyone. With the help of hot desk software, it is possible to have it. Choose the software that will provide and accommodate your bank office management needs. Because with the right software, your bank service optimization is in the right hand.

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