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A guide to knowing : Pros and Cons of Paypal credit card

We will talk about the pros and cons of paypal credit card.

To guide you for knowing and make an informed decision about use paypal credit card or not.

Pros and Cons of Paypal credit card

The last article we knew in detail How does PayPal credit work?,

Watch this video to know more about that and that will also benefit you to  know some point important about use Paypal credit card :

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1- Rapid and Comfortable 

You can make a purchase using PayPal credit once you’ve been accepted and that in seconds, usually happens.
By contrast, You may have to wait for a week or longer than that for a credit card You’ve requested to get in the mail.

2- Protection of buying PayPal

If your purchase online does not arrive or does not fit the description, the entire purchase price plus original shipping costs are refunded by PayPal.

3- PayPal always accept in any place

Because It covers thousands of websites.


1- APR-high: one of the cons of Paypal credit card

With a credit card, you can probably get a better APR, if you’ve got good credit in particular.

2- Hard Credit Investigation

You will probably get several points from the hard credit pull during your application process.

3- Excess spending risk

You might be a compulsion to spend more on PayPal credit than on regular PayPal.

4- Credit Limit is low: one of the cons of Paypal credit card

In contrast to a traditional credit line, it is similar to most credit card limits or even lower than that.
The maximum limit is from only $ 250 to several thousand dollars for most users.

5- You are not going to help build credit by PayPal credit card.

In contrast to a credit card company, It does not report your activity for payment to credit agencies if it was positive or negative.

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