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How to Write Meta Description Best suited for SEO

What is meta description? Meta description is an HTML tag placed at the beginning of a web page. It includes a brief description of the contents of this page. Then the brief description is a few words no more, programmatically placing the Meta tag within the header tag as shown in the example below:

Meta description HTML

I will not go too far in defining the meta description. So that this article does not come out of its basic subject.

Tips to Write Meta Description Best suited for SEO

Meta description


Meta description in search engines

Meta tags play a key role in SEO. It is one of the factors used to index your page in search engines. It can also improve the ranking of your page in search engine results if you type and format it as desired. Meta description may also be a key factor in encouraging a user to click on the link on your search engine page. This description will appear in the search engine under the name of your page. As shown in the following picture:

Meta description-search engines

Therefore it is necessary to take care of it optimally to Meta descriptions. When we talk about improving search engine ranking, this means improving your site traffic and improving your online business if your site is e-commerce. All these reasons make the attention of the meta tag is inevitable.

SEO Basics to Write Meta Description

  • The meta description must be between 130 and 155 characters long

In fact there is no fixed number of characters that can appear in search results. This depends on the information that search engines add to the search results. For example, if the company adds the date to the search result, the number of characters that will appear from the meta descriptions will be reduced in the search result. Therefore, in order to ensure that the full Meta descriptions appears in the search result, try the length of this description between 130 characters and 155 characters.

  • The meta description should encourage the initiation of a particular action

Try to combine the content description of your page with the meta description and between encouraging or paying for a particular action.
This action depends on the goal of your page. For example, if the goal of your page is to push users to sign up. You can put “register now for free” under the meta descriptions. If you make an offer through a landing page you can place this offer in the meta descriptions. In general, try to motivate a user to do a certain action when typing to meta descriptions.

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