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Cryptocurrency ads are subject to a massive hit and ban by Facebook

Informed sources confirmed that Facebook users will block all advertisements or material that promote cryptocurrency.


Facebook bans cryptocurrency ads

Experts and those on the famous Facebook site decided to avoid such advertisements. Where they confirmed that they will block all advertisements that will promote cryptocurrencies such as Bitcoin and others. And even materials that promote exchanges associated with this type of currency.

Statement by a Facebook official

For his part, said Rob Lettern, a Facebook based on those decisions by saying:
“Facebook has ensured that the ban is as wide as possible to cover the largest segment of advertisements and materials related to those cryptocurrencies and we will find the best ways to prevent advertising practices that may mislead users of the site.”

The news of the cryptocurrency affects the stock market

The news of cryptocurrency and the jumps of its stock crazy one of the most important news circulating on the stock exchanges and trading on the Internet. Until the fever of news of those cryptocurrencies specialized sites and reached the Social Media.

The social networking site Facebook has been hit hard by the “Bitcoin” currency. Where he announced the prohibition of broadcasting all ads related to cryptocurrencies. According to the Washington Post.

Facebook said on Tuesday that advertising products “often associated with misleading and deceptive promotional practices”. Would not be displayed, adding “specifically cryptocurrencies that use malicious methods to attract new investors.”

Mark Zuckerberg’s statement on the cryptocurrency

The announcement comes weeks after the founder of the site, Mark Zuckerberg, strongly recognized the cryptocurrency.

“These cryptocurrencies came in ways that make it difficult for central systems to control them,” he said on his official Facebook account. “I am interested in studying the positive and negative aspects of these cryptocurrencies and how to use them and rely on them in our services.”

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