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Streamity A new generation platform for exchange of cryptocurrencies

cryptocurrencies will make the future of money very different from what we know or imagine. It has the power to perform transactions securely and anonymously from and to any part of the world. Since 2009, various forms of cryptocurrency have appeared on the market. Being very useful to users all over the world. While others have a specific purpose of cryptocurrencies. But the industry of cryptocurrencies increases in value, the greater the liquidity problems and their disbursement. And turn it into tangible money. This is why Streamity launched the ICO campaign to sell STM codes for the development of the project. To remove all barriers between cryptocurrencies and tangible local currencies.

Streamity A new generation platform

Streamity A new generation platform and the whole cryptocurrency market

No satisfactory solutions have been found to convert and exchange thousands of cryptocurrencies. At least not half of what the market requires. There is a series of cryptocurrency exchange platforms in an attempt to integrate a variety of cryptocurrencies under one platform. Adding that the current exchange platforms do not bear the server a large number of operations and users even if they are on giant servers. All those problems caused the loss of users to millions of dollars and the full capture of customer deposits by hackers. Who recently hacked a series of exchange providers for existing cryptocurrencies.

Objective of  Streamity

Streamity is a well-thought-out project by minds that have entered the area of cryptocurrencies and blockchain. Its aims to improve the environment of cryptocurrency exchange by correcting all the mistakes. That have been made and is still happening with many exchange platforms. Streamity will take advantage of all the evolution of the encrypted currency system to be on its platform. It will also be supported by the lightning fast conversion system with the lowest conversion cost And exchange.

Streamity-whole cryptocurrency market

Streamity at the same time will take cryptocurrency investments to a higher level than what it is now by choosing its distinctive Symbol. Streamity codes is Named (STM). Which will also be used for all transactions within the Streamity network. STM codes will be available to convert and convert them to any of the other known encrypted currencies. The Streamity platform will add all the real local currencies in the platform to convert to cryptocurrencies and vice versa.

Decentralization, speed and low cost is the aspiration of Streamity for user

One of the most important points of the Streamity project is to improve the speed of spread of transactions in cryptocurrencies and convert them to any local currency globally and vice versa. The project has devoted considerable resources to the development and testing of its solution to the problem faced by users in existing drainage platforms. Streamity knows what users want: speed of transactions, adequate liquidity for any domestic or foreign currency and with a suitable commission and uniform globally. Streamity that will ensure exchange of cryptocurrency to local currencies without involving intermediaries in it. This method will make conversion between cryptocurrency and local currency easy, without waiting and at competitive costs for all exchange and exchange platforms.

Streamity will be on its platform all the cryptocurrencies listed in the cryptocurrency market with their data and the status of circulation. Also remain on the platform all projects and start-ups that are interested in cryptocurrencies.

Streamity smart contracts are guaranteed and protected from all hacking attempts

The Streamity platform is designed with a blockchain structure and protected contracts of all types of hacking and hacking attempts. The Streamity platform has made its immune strength against piracy by integrating the technology of its Ethereum and its service in intelligent contracts into the transaction processing algorithm. The developers of the Streamity platform have also added another security feature of time control. So that the timing control algorithms allow the transaction to be added to the smartphone contract within a specified time period.

Sell ICO for STM codes

The project will be successful and solve many of the problems mentioned. investor Supported buying STM codes for the project. That will have a future among the most coded cryptocurrency. STM codes can be buyed and invested at the lowest price of $ 0.2 per STM in the PRE-ICO after-sales campaign with an estimated 30% profit. The ICO campaign will begin on 22 January 2018

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