Get more than 12000 dollar in month from ClickBank Affiliate

99% of the ways in the clickBank Affiliate talk about advertising marketing and Direct Linking, and that’s a big mistake, and there are a lot of people who win from this way but leave behind a lot of money, the way I will see you did not come overnight and you are lucky Because you found the one who teaches you and saves you from the labyrinths,

clickbank Affiliate
clickbank Affiliate

 wrong way you learn in ClickBank Affiliate:

1- Select a product from the Clickbank Affiliate website
2 -Start sending visitors to the product via your link
3 -Start making profits

The secret that they do not tell you is how much they invested to win all those profits. For example, he shows you that he earned $ 20,000 but does not tell you that he lost $ 10,000 to make the $ 20,000, as you do so and make profits, knowing that you were leaving a lot of profits behind you. Backgammon without taking it, rethink: By the way each visitor comes by you is lost from you and can not come again.

You should always know that successful projects are those that depend on selling to the customer more than once. The problem is that many people who enter the e-marketing world take it as a game and do not take it seriously as a life project. The restaurant can not continue as the customer comes to it. Once and then no project is returned as well as online.
You notice that when you buy a product from a big company, they start to send you a product and then a different product. The same way we can apply to online marketing, it is easy to sell to a customer who has already bought on our way to get a new customer, But the most important thing is to cover up where it will cost us a lot.

The Best Way to Profit from Clickbank Affiliate:

My method is more complex than the methods that are found in books and educational videos, and require more work at the beginning but then start working automatically and win more. For signing up click on Clickbank

these are the steps:

1- Select 5 products in the same field Niche from Click Bank Affiliate
2- Make a free book in the same field to give it free
3- Make a Page Squeeze Page by way of giving the book to everyone who entered his name and e-mail
4 -Start sending visitors to your Squeeze Page
5 -Now I started getting a list of people who are interested in the field that the book is talking about, which I gave them for free
6 -Start by emailing them, each time sending them a product announcement
7 -See your profits rising

The difference between people who use direct marketing and Direct Linking is that instead of sending visitors directly and wasting me I will not see them after, start to configure the list of customers, and I can sell them products for the weeks, months and years to come and buy my way more than once and this is the most powerful and optimal way In marketing.

Money In the List

If you want to become a top Internet marketer you have to have a list of people who are interested, so if you want to be a famous blogger remember that the first thing I did when I thought to start a profit site with a professional is that 15 days before the start I created Squeeze Page

And started to collect a mailing list of interested people, saw that since the start and the first day people have contributed a thematic on Facebook Facebook, and dozens of comments Comments, there are those who started writing more than 4 years and its location to this day does not get such interaction, Is the mailing list that I have gathered with interested people and every time I write a topic I write them down. Instead of other site owners who are always looking for new visitors, I just build a good relationship with the mailing list subscribers and since I share high quality topics they will bring me more Visitors and subscribers to my list Reed.

to get the Affiliate link from ClickBank watch this video

Create a free Squeeze Page to attract customers

Most professional marketers rely on the creation of landing pages and Squeeze page on this tool. Instapage This tool creates professional landing pages in very little time and with the features you want. This tool is not free. It requires you to pay a little money to benefit. But this amount is simple comparing to what the tool offers you

get started
Get started



In order to benefit from this tool you must register in its own site from here and after activating your account log in the normal way and then you will find a simple interface with a lot of sections and contains sections and options that help you to accomplish all your work professionally and quickly


If you manage to create a new landing page or a new Squeeze page through this service.  click on the create new page option, then you will see a page with three options. The first option is to create a normal page and the second is to upload a landing page through your computer and then You can edit it and the third option is to provide a service to copy the landing pages of your competitors by doing a scan for them.

create new page
create new page


But we will choose the first option pick a template and will show you a lot of professional templates and you can choose from them according to your taste, after the completion of the selection of the template will move to the second step is to choose a suitable name for the page you can put the name you want, The site has the modification property on the template to be appropriate for the nature of the product presentation or marketing.

After completing all the modifications, the site will ask you to link this page, which you have created in a script such as Drupal or WordPress, and you can create a domain through this site and then link it to the page and you can also discover many of the features offered by the service

This service allows you to create one or two pages for free but then will require you to participate monthly .

the price of subscription varies according to the choice of plan you want.

Link tool: app.instapage

I am a content writer and editor who has written articles for digital marketing, Hosting Tutorials, SEO Tutorials and Mobile App. I worked in this field for a long time so I have a good experience in that field.

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