After updating Google Fred, SEO tips differed about backlinks

We all got the updating Google Fred, which started on March 8th. Without any official information from Google stating what the update. So Google engineers said that the update will not be discussed and that it targeted sites that violate the quality of search. And of course this is no words and no use. But since March, several official reactions to external ties have emerged. And this is what we will discuss today and we will limit these responses to get a very important result.

updating Google Fred, SEO tips

After the update all website owners are afraid of building links to their sites. And stopped building links in sites infected and not infected with Google Fred, especially after the following reactions:

After updating Google Fred, SEO tips differed about backlinks

updating Google Fred according to Webmaster Central Blog

The strongest signal is a post posted by Google on May 25. Which warns of the danger of large campaigns to build links. Then where he addressed in this post types of bad and harmful links. Where he said:

There have been a lot of annoying link campaigns posted by other sites, such as “guest posts, partner posts, or syndicated posts. Which are mostly published by one person in several places.

Google does not reject the types of articles that educate users to inform them about your company or your site or services. But who violates Google’s guidelines and uses “link tricks”. Or is intended to build links to large-scale campaigns aimed at linking only.

Here are some factors that indicate a violation of Google’s quality guidelines:

  • Use keyword stuffing and links to your site in articles you publish.
  • Publish your articles frequently in many sites, where you have a large number of articles “Guest Post” in simple sites.
  • Use or hire writers who are not familiar with the topics they write about.
  • Use the same content on all sites or similar content.

I think it is enough to hear this talk from a Google official blog to reach a central conclusion that we will discuss in this article. But before that let’s hear some Google staff and some expert opinions in this area:

Google employees refuse to talk about the Google Fred update and their strict response

When I follow Google employees on Twitter and Google Plus I hear their opinions and answers they give to followers every day. Sites such as ezinearticles,, Entrepreneur Magazine, and backlinks may be infringing and Google may refuse such links. You may also reject any link that you suspect is in violation of the quality guidelines and under the “link tricks”.

updating Google Fred, SEO tips differed about backlinks

There are also a lot of topics from Google employees who refuse to talk about Google Fred’s update and their strict response when asked about the legality of a link from a site. So there is a conclusion reached after all this talk:

Google wants to put an end to webmasters and spam results that reach the top spots by buying links. Or publish professional articles in many large sites to quickly reach the top positions. So she decided she did not want to build links with the intervention of the same website owner or “even book rental. It focuses on natural external links from ordinary people who have tried the site. And go to networks or any site or forum and spread their opinion without financial temptations or relations with them, “such as partners.”

Google wants to be a backlinks user coming from someone who has found excellent content that they have tried and praised. So the first step to building excellent and strong links is to pay attention to the content of your site. So you have a great number of cheers for you. To send a signal to Google you are efficient to reach the first position in the search engine.

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