Dealing with Your Blog On a Mobile Phone Easily with WordPress

Have you try the WordPress mobile applications attempt of late? We’ve been striving to ensure our iOS and Android applications are easy to utilize and have the highlights you have to blog ideal from your telephone or tablet.

what is WordPress ? 

WordPress is an online, open source site creation apparatus written in PHP. Be that as it may, in non-nerd talk, it’s likely the simplest and most great blogging and site content administration framework (or CMS) in presence today.

Here are a couple of late increments and updates that make blogging in a hurry less demanding:

how to deal with your blog through WordPress

Include Categories and Tags

Before distributing a blog entry, you can include classifications and labels right in the application’s post editor. To add classifications and labels to a post in the iOS proofreader, tap the … at the upper right, at that point Options. On Android, tap the apparatus symbol at the upper right.

(Need a refresher? Classes enable you to aggregate related posts together on your site, and labels enable individuals to discover you in the Reader. Remember that the Reader will sift through posts utilizing in excess of 15 classifications and labels add up to, so stick to 15 or less.)


Alter Post Slugs and Excerpts

A post slug is the piece of a post’s URL after the .com (or the .blog, .organization, .net, or whichever sort of address you utilize). WordPress produces one for you naturally in light of your post’s title — yet in the event that your post has a long title, it will likewise have a long URL. Presently, you can alter your slugs in the applications to abbreviate them.

You can likewise include and alter extracts — little rundowns of your posts — in the application. A few topics show post extracts on your landing page; if yours does, you’ll need to add one to each post. They likewise show in the Reader, giving you more control over what shows up there.

To discover the slug and portion in the applications, backpedal into your post’s settings: make a beeline for a post and tap on … → Options (iOS) or on the rigging symbol (Android), Scroll to the base of the screen to discover the slug and extract choices.

Include a Featured Image

Heaps of subjects utilize Featured Images to attract perusers’ eyes to your posts and pages. And when perusers share your posts, the Featured Image is frequently utilized by Twitter, Facebook, and different systems. It’s the initial segment of a post a great many people see, and assumes a major part in whether individuals choose to peruse.

To add an included picture to a post, open a post and backpedal to — you got it! —  … → Options (iOS) or the rigging symbol (Android). You can change a current highlighted picture there, as well.

Less demanding Reading and Accessibility

The applications have seen a few changes to make them simpler to utilize, including better catch and picture depictions for screen perusers and enhanced zooming to expand content size.


In the event that you’ve experienced difficulty with little content in one of the applications previously or observed remark unavailable, give it another attempt and make certain to give our help a chance to group know whether you see zones where we can enhance further.

In-App Support

On the off chance that you have any inquiries, you can achieve our help group right in the applications by going to Me → Help and Support → Contact Us. We’d love to hear your input!


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