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Short Tips on 3 Website Map Templates Most Used

We (E Helper Team) will talk about 3 Website Map Templates Most Used,

such as sitemap template for e-commerce, corporate website and sitemap portal news.

what is a sitemap for a website

You can probably guess the name.

It is a map of the content of your website.

Typically, sitemaps take the form of a long list of links.

Some websites have accessible HTML sitemaps for all visitors,

whereas others rely solely on an XML sitemap file sent directly to search engines.

3 Website Map Templates Most Used

Sitemap template for e-commerce

Good online store website navigation depends primarily on the right approach to product cataloguing.

An online store’s structure should be based on user request.

Therefore, the semantic core clusters should be identified and the main competitors analyzed.

Design web pages should be based on the sitemap that an online store’s.

and also should follow the rules of navigation developed based on the structure of the site.

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Template of the corporate Website Map

In general, there is no extensive navigation map for a corporate project.

Only a few informative web pages may be available which these are linked to the main page as far as corporate projects are concerned.

If the structure of the corporate project does not mean further growth and increase the number of web pages, even with a simple online MindMap tool, a content map can be developed.

Template of sitemap portal news

When creating the news website’s content map,

a number of features must be taken into account.

This account provides clear user navigation in contrast to an online store,

The cataloguing structure of a news site may not have a broad system of categories and subcategories.

and it is primarily based on familiar user reaction patterns used niche.

Taking into account the amount of information a user finds on a news site,

UX designers should be responsible for planning the sorting of web pages.

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