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Best WordPress plugins for social media – The top 5

We will talk about the best WordPress plugins for social media such as Revive Old Post, Revive Network, CoSchedule, NextScripts and AccessPress Social Auto Post.

The best WordPress plugins for social media

After we install WordPress.

In short, Frankly, it can take too much time and be very boring to share social networking content manually, particularly when regular times you are posting.

Here are the best social media auto-publishing WordPress plugins:

A- Revive Old Post

In short, the plugin that automatically shares your new and old social media articles.

When you first install the plugin, you have to set it up, but it’s handling things on its own from there for you.

Revive Old Post has many great features, which enable you to exchange certain items carefully at certain times.

You can customize several things, such as:

– the shares intervals
– The posts ‘ age.
– the number of shared posts every day
– the same post can be shared the number of times
– Post format, and much more.

You can also create a custom schedule and track the traffic generated by Google Analytics with this plugin.

Revive Old Post is a real way to get things done,

that means you just have to set it once, and all this is covered by social sharing.

It is used for Twitter, Xing, Tumblr and LinkedIn.

B- Revive Network

In short, Besides sharing your own work, you can now also share valuable information from other sources.

This helped automatically by the Revive Network.
Add your accounts for social media, copy RSS blog feeds from which articles you want to share, and set the auto-posting times/intervals.
The Facebook and Twitter network plugin Revive allows you to add as many blogs as you want. The text provided with each shared article can also be customised and tracked via UTM links so the websites that you share content by seeing you like the Google Analytics reference.
In short, Revive Network automatically publishes information on your social media profiles from other blogs/sites.
as often and at any hour as you want, with custom text, mentions/tags and UTM tracking links, it’s all your favourites according to.

C- Best WordPress plugins for social media: CoSchedule

In short, This plugin helps you to synchronize social media messages with blog posts.

You can choose the best days and hours to schedule your shares and contributions from a calendar.

With colour coding and drag-and-drop options, the calendar can be easily adapted.

CoSchedule provides many social media networks to share your posts on LinkedIn, Buffer, Pinterest, and Twitter.

They also allow you to access all of your social media profiles in detail in the analysis.

D- NextScripts

A free plugin with many integrations in social media.

It allows you to share new and old messages by publishing them automatically on your channels.

It automatically imports comments and social media mentions as a commentary on WordPress.

You can select which things to publish, which ones to not publish and when to publish.

If you want certain days and hours, also your posts can be scheduled or delayed.

E- AccessPress Social Auto Post

In short, A premium plugin that automatically shares your social media website content.

Everything is easy with this plugin:

(1) set your social media profiles to share your content and (2) select the content to automatically updated.

You can configure unlimited accounts by using the plugin, so if three Facebook accounts are available, all of them you can use.
But it’s only Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn, and Tumblr.

The format of postings can be specified,

Auto-posting for specific articles/pages/ categories enable/disable,

set new articles auto-posting and with this app, do lots more cool stuff.

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