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Broken images – Let’s solve it with 12 Steps

In WordPress, how to fix Broken images error and Image Upload problem? That’s exactly what we’ll talk about plus will know the reasons which make that happen.

Broken images

In WordPress, how to fix Image Upload problem and broken image error?

WordPress is typically good for all users looking for a user-friendly content management system.

But they may sometimes come across a bizarre mistake that prevents them from uploading images to the media library.

If they try, the uploading process will either fail, or every picture looks broken.

This error can be very serious since the whole work is interrupted.
Be sure to fix the upload of the image and WordPress broken image error to resume early your work.

In this guide, we shall tell you about this problem and solve it step by step.

Before this, however, Try to see the root cause that leads to the upload image error.

Why does the upload image failure happen?

In short, There are several reasons for this, like a web server unstable, sudden website attack, or false file permission that helps to upload the image error.

To return your website to normal, this problem you must solve as quickly as possible. How can you do that?

12 Steps to fix Broken images in WordPress

In WordPress, how to fix Image Upload problem and broken image error?

When this mistake occurs, a normal website looks like this:

broken images
broken images

You have to access your web server using FTP to solve this problem.
For demonstration purposes and for example, we use FileZilla.

1- Once your web server is accessible, select the folder ‘ wp-contain ‘ from the ‘ public HTML ‘ button.

broken images
2- Within the folder “wp-Content”, look for “uploads” that contain all of your media files.

broken images
broken images

3- If you take the cursor to the folder ‘ upload ‘ and emphasize it,

some file information can view as shown below in the following image:

broken images
broken images

4- File permission is one of the most common issues causing image upload error.

After the ‘ uploads ‘ folder has been highlighted, something’s wrong, you’ll know:

broken images
5- Just right-click “Uploads” and go to “File Permit” to read, write and make modifications.

broken images
broken images

6- Once you have arrived, Click “Recurse to Subdirectories” and choose “Apply to directories only”.

broken images
7- To see if the error has been fixed, go back to your website.

8- When you access the media library, and you see that all the pictures are still broken.

It means you need another file permission input to change.

broken images
broken images

9- Return to the folder ‘ uploads ‘, to access “File permissions” right-click on it.

broken images
10- Now change the figure to 744 to 755 and also allow group allowances and public permissions to be executed.

change the figure
11- Save the modifications by clicking to “OK” then return to your website.

Save all changes
broken images

12- In short, Update your website by click to “refresh”, and you will also see all the pictures returning to normal.

Last Step
broken images


So, if an image upload error occurs, just look at the permissions for the file and change the value to correct it.

Usually, if a new image plugin or theme installed, or a virus attacked, it is very likely that your media folder on your website will affect.

Finally, you need to modify the file permissions in this case and also immediately resolve the problem.

This problem is a danger to your website because it may affect on speed up your website.

Track these steps help you easily to fix this mistake.

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