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7 Top Best Email campaign examples

Let’s know about Email campaign examples. 

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Email campaign examples

Thousands of marketers worldwide share the same goal because they would like to submit the finest marketing email campaigns.

While there is a lot to assess the achievement of your email marketing campaign, what your subscribers believe and make them feel about your emails is essential.

1. Email campaign examples: Netflix

But the experience of monitoring on the go could be overwhelming,

Netflix’s popularity has enabled casual and passionate film and TV fans alike to watch fresh and temporary movies anywhere, any time you like.
particularly, when their collection expands continually.

Netflix’s knowledge, to discourage tiredness and maintain you’re subscribed to the thousands of film and TV options,

They directly send your inbox suggestions and recent show announcement.

2. Uber

In short, Uber’s email is easy but delicious, all enjoy the way in which Uber gets to the point, usually, the text is very short with a definite CTA, and this is ideal for subscribers who don’t have much time to skim the email.

If you want to find out more, you can always pursue a connection.

You should always send various promotions, provides an incredible travel map and with a comprehensive travel map.

3. Litmus

In short, Its layout is very interesting for email marketing.

GIFs are now very popular and Litmus’s animation is amazing where you are encouraged to keep reading the content.

The headlines of Litmus are doing a nice job while stating obviously what the email is.

4. Taylor Stitch

Taylor Stitch

In short, They always consider the preferences and also the interests of their clients.

The design is easy, everything white with inspirational photographs.

You write the number of items you have of each item, so you must act quickly because these pieces won’t last long.

5. Starbucks

In short, give individuals a good reason to contact them, that’s Starbucks system.


6. Google Store

In short, This approach works by getting a lengthy advertising email which is promotional.

What is essential is that you understand how to introduce a product, No matter its features and also characteristics, in a structured and thoughtful email.

Enter clear pictures of your goods, Keep the copy straight and concisely and prominent buttons for call-up action.

7. Email campaign examples: Sweetgreen

In short, This salad company has a completely fresh design,

you’re saying ‘ green looks fine on you! 

Just a couple of measures to create an order!

So go and also just take a few steps to make an order!

If you open the Green Status, you receive an e-mail with a few benefits unlocked.

For example, one of these advantages is a free birthday salad.

If you wanted a large bowl of quinoa, It’s time for yourself to treat them.

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