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How to use a short URL and earn money ?

short URL and earn money

If you want to use a short URL and earn money, you want to know the most famous Shorten links websites, here you will know all that.

How to use a short URL and earn money?

Internet since the beginning, URLs play an important role in internet page sharing with colleagues.

Besides, the changing web era, makes sites such as Facebook, Twitter, and other significant social websites require small URLs.

Taking benefit of this, therefore, URL shortening services began to emerge to make more cash.

It is a great opportunity to profit and a lot would like to seize it.

Because URL shortcuts allow you to make a profit if you use them to shorten long URLs.

In other words, keep it brief and sweet.

One nice thing about URL shortening is that you do not have to have a blog or website to do your job.

Share or post interesting URLs, too, Shortcut URLs, blogs, and platforms for social media, and the best way to make money online is through community websites.

How it Functions

Let us, therefore, see how the entire system works.

Clicking on the shortened URLs which you have established on social platforms, social communities and blogs certain amount of money will be credited to your account.

Besides, your credit pay varies differs depending on several URL shortening variables, such as Based on income sharing, few pay for.
Few clicks are based and some are based on impressions.
Why wait, then? here there is a list of the best websites to shorten the URL, let’s discover it.


Most famous Shorten links websites

1- Linkvertise website

– On each link-click of visitors, you may share connections and receive cash.

– Every thousand views you get 8-11 €.

– Easy dashboard management.

– Payments are produced monthly through PayPal, Amazon, or Paysafecard Bonus of at least 10 €.

– You can cut links and earn money readily and rapidly.


2- short URL and earn money with Bitl.Cc website

You can cut links and earn money fast and easily.
For every visit, you gain cash.

You can gain even more with the referral program.

You can call friends and Get 23% of their livelihood earnings.

All characteristics can be controlled by clicking the button from the management panel.

The shorter instrument also has many analytical characteristics, Likewise, you can learn what makes you the best income and strategies.

The minimum payout is small.

You only have to pay $5.00 in advance of your payment.
Payment by PayPal.

You can also make most out of the traffic with Bitl Cc’s ever-increasing rates.

Simple to shorten API connections and provide sophisticated and creative insights.

In case of any inquiries and assistance, your support by a committed team.

3- short URL and earn money with website is one of the best in this field.

Besides, on the first day and 15th of each month, it will automatically send payments to the customer.

For PayPal or Payza, the minimum quantity for withdrawals is $5.

In particular, all references to your publisher, 20% of their publicity purchases will be paid to you.

Source: Nytimes

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