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know The hidden darkness side of CPA Affiliate offers


There’s a lot of money you can earn in CPA Affiliate offers

What are CPA Affiliate offers?

They are offers in which the visitor or user acts on a certain thing that the advertiser benefits from and the publisher charges a commission for that.
This may be the process of downloading a file from the advertiser or filling out a form on the advertiser’s site.
The types of CPA Affiliate offers may be different to fill in the form than simply entering your name and e-mail such as Exp Mobile.
Or a long form that includes the date of birth, address and telephone number such as offers (life insurance).
The advertiser may pay between 25 cents to 3.5 dollars for the offer that requires the e-mail.
He may pay $ 140 for the big deals and later we will discuss that in detail in ather article

Affiliate marketing what ?..why ? and types

Most Affiliate terms that it face you in Affiliate and profit from internet

CPA Affiliate
CPA Affiliate

All you want to know about CPA in this video

But there is a dark side that you can not see until you get deeply involved in this game.
The problem with the CPA industry is that it can be plagued with immorality.

There are basically three distinct groups that make the CPA system

  • Advertisers.
  • Publishers or afelite.
  • CPA networks.

Deception in the CPA Affiliate industry

As we have said before, CPA companies act as intermediaries between advertiser and publisher, guaranteeing their rights and facilitating work between them.
The problem begins when one of these parties decides to deceive one of the other parties.
I will explain what I mean by that.
If you are used to visiting online marketing forums you will see some publishers, offering other publishers ways to deceive CPA companies and advertisers by making fake LEADS.

There are many ways to deceive people to fill out CPA offers. This is not only unsafe but also illegal.
By trying to trick CPA companies by making fake leads.
You are putting yourself at risk because it is very likely that the CPA network will detect that and keep you and write your name in the blacklist of the CPA industry.
This will affect you in other companies because your reputation will follow you wherever you go.

You should know that when a publisher cheats on the CPA or advertiser network.
This will affect the rest of the publishers within the same CPA network.
Because networks somehow deduct the amount that has been manipulated by a particular publisher from the rest of the publishers.

 CPA Affiliate industry
CPA Affiliate industry

How to deceive CPA publishers?

When you sign up for CPA Affiliate.
You will basically put all your trust in it through its tracking system.
Which is responsible for calculating the LEADs you generate.
Unfortunately, this is not always the case.
Many companies do not count leads in a random way from publishers.
This works to inflate the profit of any company.
Many publishers do not realize that most CPA networks that use the direct tracking system use dedicated software to embezzle a certain proportion of publishers’ commissions automatically.

They can adjust these programs at any level they already specify.
For example, in some networks they set this property at a rate of 10% which means that the company will deviate from LEAD out of every 10 LEADS you get.
This shows how some CPA networks pay more than other companies for a single LEAD for a particular offer.
This also shows you the importance of making a comparison test.
There are companies paying more for the same offer, perhaps because they are embezzling a larger proportion of your commission.
From here, you must also have a good tracking tool to track your visitors and your conversions at any CPA company

How do advertisers deceive publishers and CPA companies sometimes?

Some advertisers can also deceive the publisher and sneak out some leads.
If the CPA does not have a good pixel, it can detect each LEAD as soon as it happens.
A pixel is a Java code or image that sends a report to the CPA informing it that LEAD has  generated by a particular publisher.
And then calculate its commission.

The way your company calculates your own LEADS is when the pixel ignites the advertiser’s success page.
(The success page was previously defined as the page following the display page or page that appears after you press the Continue key after filling out the offer)


The CPA industry is full of competition.
This makes some companies do their best to maintain their good publishers, and provide them with the necessary information, exposing your profit strategies for copying by your account manager.




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