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How to Get CPA From Clickbooth Website

Clickbooth is one of the best CPA companies on the internet today

because it has very high-profit rates in this field.

Also, it has a technical support line around the clock, which you can communicate with at any time

you want and inquire about something or any problem that you may encounter.

Moreover, the site always works to ensure that you offer rewards to the customers besides the ideal support


and the adoption of different payment methods so you do not find it difficult to deal with it

you can pay in many ways, including of course (PayPal) method, or through a bank check.

Clickbooth is Best CPA Website Ever

How to subscribe to Clickbooth

You can subscribe to Clickbooth by creating an account on it by opening the site and clicking on the word “Login”

Then you will choose the word “Marketer” in its sentence (Become a Marketer or Partner) located below the login boxes, after that, you will see many fields and questions that you should fill

and when you finish from these steps and answering all the questions you click on

(SUBMIT MY APPLICATION) and wait until they reply to your email that you registered has been completed, or you can choose the word (Partner), which means a partner.

Which is another way that you can work on this site with, and of course

you will fill in all the fields and press continue, and when you finish all the steps and wait for a response in the e-mail


How to activate the account at Clickbooth

After completing and submitting the subscription data, you must wait for the site’s response if you are eligible to participate in the site as a dealer or as a partner or not.

Moreover, if you are eligible for that you will find a confirmation message in your email after a period of submitting the application, which includes the steps to activate the account

When you open this message and click on the word Account activation A customer service representative from the site will contact you and confirm that you are the owner of the data that you entered or not.

Moreover, if the data is correct, it will give you a code for activation that you will enter when trying to open your account on the site.

How to choose the best services at WebSite

(Clickbooth) is an exclusive CPA network that allows better traffic criticism on the Internet through marketing-based performance.

As well as empowering small businesses and businesspersons by creating, a competitive market on an equal footing with the world’s largest brands, and you can choose the best services from the website by monitoring any transactions.

So you can get a large number of shares and the percentage of profits, and of course whether the company responsible for this deal or not.


How to promote services at The Website

The methods of promotion on the website (Clickbooth) differ according to the type of product

the type of advertisement, and the company opposed to this advertisement.

As each advertisement through which you can earn a specified amount of money is agreed upon

when before the deal or in an advance form and not after completion so that both parties guarantee their rights in the profit.

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