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Let’s know 8 best sites for profit by uploading files


Best sites for profit by uploading files. Yes, as you can see, some sites do that for more clarification. Continue reading the following and then get to know these sites with us and get profits from the Internet as soon as possible.

you’re someone who openly shares various kinds of files with others regularly, so you should know that you may potentially miss out on a lucrative opportunity if you do that in areas not suitable.
There pay you to upload specific files directly to their network and you will be able to gain money for any download.

They will do so because they make money also from any file downloaded from their website. This is very similar to Make Money With Affiliate Marketing.
As compared to some of the websites that you may be accessed, some websites reverse the existing model and legitimately pay the users for the content they upload.
Whether you are searching for an income source, or just want to profit for the files you upload, so this article is for you.
a list of the best places to upload and earn money with are listed here.

Best sites for profit by uploading files

1- best sites for profit by uploading files:

ShareCash is a revolutionary website which pays you real cash when you download your files.
It guarantees a minimum of 1 $for each download.
Depending on the nation, up to $20 can also be charged for every download.
the only thing that irritates a lot:
To get a download link, users need to complete a survey, which is very frustrating.
So whether you want the confidence of your consumer or the money, it depends on you.
This is absolutely up to you.


You will make up thousands of dollars a week.
This phrase you will see when you go to their official website.
This website says to you that you are profiting for any premium sale and download access in your file (if the user makes a Premium account on this website via your link, you will get a particular proportion of the profit). It’s like a free revenue by uploading online.


It is one of the best websites for file sharing and provides the highest income without any user being annoyed.
With every 1000 downloads, you will make up to $25. Minimum payment by PayPal and other websites is $10.
It also runs competitions and promotions for its committed users.
This is also the best place to get your files uploaded.
You earn 20% of the income from invited references and a lot of other advantages.


The hosting service is Daily Uploads.
You can store and upload online.  Also, you can access and store your files, images, videos, audio and flash in one place with Daily Uploads.
You can also receive a bonus of $15 for every 1000 downloads of files that you share with Regular Uploads.
Daily Upload ‘s cash criteria are very simple, the file you upload must be at least 1 MB, and the downloads are only counted if the downloads are finished.
Average uploads are $25 for the daily payout.
Therefore, until you charged you should upload 1667 files.
Ten days after the cash-out order, the transaction is completed with payment through skrill, WebMoney and bitcoin.

5- Dollar upload

It charges $1 for each download, making $1,000 for 1000 downloads.
However, users must complete a survey that in many cases is very irritating. However, whether you sell free software or something, it’s a fair game.
You are charged every week through Payoneer and PayPal.
What makes this even simpler and quicker than other payment methods is to provide direct bank transfer.
They have the lower industry fees for local bank transfer, wire transfer and US ACH.


FileFactory is the leading free file hosting provider since 2005. The maximum upload size is 5 GB.
You can also share your files with users on FileFactory using the download pages which users friendly and simple.
For every 1000 files, it provides up to $40 according to country and file size.
The rate for each sale through the link is 90 per cent.
You can see the membership section of their website for more information.

7- provides storage and remote backups as a file hosting service.
In the same location, you can host files, images, audio.

Pay by download program offers also at
After 1000 downloads they bill you at least $10.
Each time you refer the website to person, you can also receive 10 per cent.
Payments are carried out via Paypal, Webmoney, Skrill, etc. doesn’t contain any surveys, so without surveys, you can access or share.
If you want to be paid, the files you post must be at least 100 KB.
When you automatically create or control traffic, your account can be blocked.
For incomplete downloads or downloads from the same IP address, you will not be paid.

8- best sites for profit by uploading files:

UserCloud is a free cloud service offering unrestricted online downloads and storage.
UserCloud helps you to store files, pictures, videos and audio in the same place.
You can receive money from any download using the UserCloud ‘s affiliate system.
You have 4 ppd membership programs:
Each time you download your file, you receive:
90% of all premiums accounts you sell are paid.
The links on your website give you a 10% benefit.
After using your referral link, you get 10 per cent every time a user registers an account.
The minimum payout for UserCloud is $5 for every 1,000 downloads.
You have to follow their rules to earn money from UserCloud. Post pictures only, hotlink not permitted, proxy server downloads are not counted.


Best sites for profit by uploading files
Best sites for profit by uploading files

To choose the best sites for profit by uploading files you should know that there are nearly hundreds of websites that give money to access every file.
Nonetheless, approximately 75% are counterfeit and offer no revenue.
Most of the pages will be closed down sometime after you have made mistakes, and others won’t pay you.
It is easier for you to stick to any of the websites listed above and not to mislead your users.
Both consumers and profits need to be considered.
Don’t go to the highest-paid company just because they could have other terms.
Hope you helped this guide in your spare time to make money. Good luck!

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