SunFrog site and how to T-shirt design

SunFrog site is one of the websites that gives designers a great platform to create designs and sell them to buyers through the website. There the designer creates the design and displays it on the website.

Then the website will do the printing of the design on the t-shirt and handle the shipping process, processing payments, etc., only you design and reap the merits.

– When I was explaining Teespring website, the main comments I received were of course the difficulty of working on the site as it requires paid advertising, which many users are not well aware of.

However, some members encountered an adoption issue. So I fixed the two issues through the SunFrog website which does the advertising process for you by allocating part of the profit to the affiliate marketers who work on the website to promote designs.

also, we were talked about  sites for profit by designing T-shirts

SunFrog site Features

You can design or upload finished designs on the website

The website promotes your designs and brings them sales and T-shirt design

You can create and display an ad unit for themes on your website

You can withdraw your earnings from the website using a Paypal or Payoneer account

The site shows you data for most of the searches over the past few days

The website offers various analytics platforms for your account’s performance and impressions

Registration on the website is free and entry is instant, as is the case on the Redbubble website

The minimum amount for withdrawing winnings from the site is $ 50, which will be shipped on the 1st of each month

SunFrog site
SunFrog site

How to register on the SunFrog website

1- We will now learn how to register on the website. You can follow the full explanation in this video. This is an explanation of how to register and work on the site and add designs. You can also follow the illustration below.

2- After that, go to the bottom of the site and then click on Start Account.

3- You then click Start Selling.

4- Write the required information as shown in the picture.

5- After completing the account creation, log in to your account.

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We have now completed the creation of the account.to T-shirt design

Create your account on the SunFrog site

– Now let’s learn how to work on the website and all the details related to it, how to design a t-shirt

or upload a finished design and how to provide financial information for withdrawals.

1- Click Account in the side menu.

2- You switch to this form, write all the required information and click on Update.

3- On the same page, click on Set up your first payment method.

4- You now choose the payment method that suits you best, and of course the best method is Payoneer or Paypal.

5- After that, write the information of the financial instrument you have chosen.

How to design a t-shirt at SunFrog site

Now we are learning how to design via the website or upload finished T-shirt design  directly.

1- On the side menu, click Themes, then click Create. You can then choose between uploading files directly or designing directly from the Online Designer website.

2- We will show a sample of the design on the website, click on Online Designer, then start to write the design

or upload the logo or slogan you want to put on the design. Then you choose the design type, then choose the colors you want the design to be available in and other information. Then click Next.

3- This page allows you to add multiple T-shirt design as well as new colors for each design.

4- Finally, this step is very important and it is design information like title, description, keywords.

You can download my book The Secrets of SEO Designs,

which I wrote on the Amazon Merch platform, but almost the same details that you find on all other t-shirt sales sites.

5- Finally, click Accept Terms and then click Finish.

For the rest of the lists, required design dimensions, and other important information, see the video above.

This is very important information that will help you a lot as you work on the platform and make higher profits.

For your design winnings, you will receive 10% of the design price just for your offering of the design, and the person who marketed the design will receive 30% of the design price.

SunFrog site
SunFrog site
  1. Terms

By getting to this site, you are consenting to be limited by these site Terms and Conditions of Use,

every single pertinent law and guidelines, and concur that you are liable for consistence with any relevant neighborhood laws.

In the event that you don’t concur with any of these terms, you are disallowed from utilizing or getting to this site.

The materials contained in this site are secure by pertinent copyright and brand name law.

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Use License

  1. You should be 13 years old or more established to get to this site, and 18 years old or more seasoned to utilize the craftsman or subsidiary administrations.
  2. Consent is allowed to briefly download one duplicate of the materials (data or programming) on SunFrog Shirts’ site for individual, non-business momentary review as it were. This is the award of a permit, not an exchange of title, and under this permit you may not:
  3. change or duplicate the materials;
  4. endeavor to decompile or figure out any product contained on SunFrog Shirts’ site

expel any copyright or other restrictive documentations from the materials;

  1. move the materials to someone else or “reflect” the materials on some other worker;
  2. transfer, download, post, email, or in any case send any substance that is unlawful, unsafe, undermining, damaging, revolting, bothering, abusive, vulgar, obscene, profane, disgusting, fiery, derogatory, tortious, derisive, or in any case frightful, obtrusive, or encroaching of another’s privileges, including however not constrained to privileges of VIP, security, and protected innovation;
  3. imitate any individual or element, or erroneously state or in any case distort your connection with an individual or element; or

 get to, alter, or use non-open territories of the site.

  1. This permit will consequently end in the event that you abuse any of these limitations and might be ended by SunFrog Shirts whenever. After ending your survey of these materials or upon the end of this permit, you should annihilate any downloaded materials in your ownership whether in electronic or printed design.
  2. Disclaimer a. To the degree allowed by law, SunFrog Shirts renounces all conditions and guarantees,
  3. express or inferred, and therefore disavows and discredits every single other guarantee, including without confinement, suggested guarantees or states of merchantability, readiness for a specific reason, or non-encroachment of protected innovation or other infringement of rights.
  4. Where the law suggests a condition or guarantee, and that law forbids SunFrog Shirts from barring
  5. or adjusting obligation under any such condition or guarantee, that condition or guarantee will be considered included however will be constrained for a penetrate of that condition or guarantee to the accompanying:
  6. Break identifies with products:

– the substitution of the merchandise or the gracefully of proportional products;

– the fix of such merchandise;

– the installment of the expense of supplanting the merchandise or of obtaining proportionate products;

– the installment of the expense of having the merchandise fixed.

Break identifies with administrations:

– the installment of the expense of having the administrations provided once more.


In no occasion will SunFrog Shirts or its providers be at risk for any harms (counting, without confinement,

harms for loss of information or benefit, or because of business interference) emerging out of the utilization T-shirt design

or powerlessness to utilize the materials on SunFrog Shirts’ site, regardless of whether SunFrog Shirts

Modifications and Errata

The materials showing up on SunFrog Shirts’ site could incorporate specialized, typographical, or photographic blunders. SunFrog Shirts doesn’t warrant that any of the materials on its site are precise, finished, or current.

also, SunFrog Shirts may make changes to the materials contained on its site whenever without notice. SunFrog Shirts doesn’t, in any case, make any promise to refresh the materials.


SunFrog Shirts has not looked into the entirety of the locales connected to its site and  for the substance of any such connected destinations. In addition, this site may contain connections to other sites.

The incorporation of any connection accommodated comfort just and may not stay current or be kept up,

and doesn’t infer support by SunFrog Shirts of the site. Utilization of any such connected site is at the client’s own hazard.

Site Terms of Use Modifications

SunFrog Shirts may audit these terms of utilization for its site whenever without notice. By utilizing this site, you are consenting to  limit by the current rendition of these Terms and Conditions of Use.

Administering Law

Any case identifying with SunFrog Shirts’ site will be secured by the laws of the State of Michigan regardless of contentions of laws arrangements.


3.1 You recognize and concur that any substance, including yet not restricted to message, information, photographs, illustrations, and so on., or other material contained or circulated on or through the SunFrog site, by SunFrog,

its publicists, partners, or other outsiders, ensured by brand names, administration marks, licenses, copyrights, or other exclusive rights and laws.

You may not utilize or disseminate any substance got through the SunFrog site without the approval of SunFrog

or the substance proprietor. You may not distribute, imitate, duplicate in entire or to a limited extent, nor transfer,

download, post, email, sell, or in any case circulate content accessible through the SunFrog webpage disregarding appropriate copyright and other protected innovation laws.

3.2 You hold all possession rights to the Design submitted to the SunFrog site. By transferring the Design to the Site, You therefore award to SunFrog the nonexclusive, all inclusive, adaptable, sublicensable option to utilize,

recreate, openly show, sell, and disseminate the Design in or on Products accessible at the SunFrog site for direct buy,

or accessible through different retailers, wholesalers, wholesalers, shipper accomplices, or organizations working with SunFrog at evaluating controlled by SunFrog in its sole prudence.

SunFrog site

3.3 By transferring the Design to the Site, You further award to SunFrog a nonexclusive, general, adaptable, sublicensable option to utilize, recreate, openly show, sell, and convey the Design in or on items in publicizing, showcasing, tests, and special materials to advance the SunFrog site and Products. Without impediment,

this advancement, showcasing, or publicizing may comprise of: show of Products bearing the Design;

Product or substance position bearing the Design in magazines, TV programs, films, and other media;

the offer of Products bearing the Design accessible on the SunFrog site through outsider item takes care of, regardless of whether at retail costs, limited costs, special costs, or as in any case controlled by SunFrog in its sole tact;

and the offer of Products bearing the Design accessible on the SunFrog site to different retailers, wholesalers,

and merchants or organizations at valuing as dictated by SunFrog in its sole carefulness.

3.4 You further award SunFrog the option to make changes to the Design as important to set up the Design for creation of any Product or for other assembling purposes.

3.5 You recognize and concur that the SunFrog site and any product gave to You or utilized regarding the SunFrog site, including, for instance and without constraint, any APIs or different contents containing restrictive

and classified data secured by pertinent protected innovation and different laws.

3.6 SunFrog awards You a non-select, revocable, and constrained permit to utilize the substance and SunFrog’s instruments, pictures, and Product mockups for the reasons for advancing the SunFrog site depending on the prerequisite that You give suitable attribution and a connect to the SunFrog site.

SunFrog website

3.7 The protected innovation rights in or identifying with the substance of any notes, messages, messages,

postings, letters, thoughts, recommendations, ideas, or other composed materials which You submit or convey to SunFrog (barring the Design presented by You) without a doubt,

and moved by You to SunFrog upon their accommodation or correspondence to SunFrog,

also,  You do appoint all rights in that to SunFrog and concur that a similar will consequently turn into the property of SunFrog, and that SunFrog may utilize, misuse, duplicate, distribute, execute, move,

and in every single different ways manage such materials and the entirety of the licensed innovation rights in that in any capacity and for any reason SunFrog may choose, in ceaselessness.

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3.8 You recognize that SunFrog doesn’t pre-screen Designs before they made ready to move on the SunFrog site, yet that SunFrog may,

whenever, audit the Design thought about under this Agreement, and the substance it contains for adherence

to our rules and consistence with the terms and conditions set out in this Agreement, and will have the right

, yet not the commitment, in its sole caution to expel any Design that is accessible on the SunFrog site.

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