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What are the candidate digital currencies to take place in 2018?

Despite the disease and enemies, Bitcoin proved most exciting digital currencies composition in 2017, despite the ridicule and criticism from officials of the international financial institutions, but reaped tremendous gains this year.

While optimism surrounding Bitcoin performance during the coming period, especially after Bitcoin futures trading was launched about two weeks ago, but investors are starting to go to other digital currencies at the end of 2017.

digital currencies
digital currencies

Seven digital currencies will be closely scrutinized in 2018

Among 1300 digital currency, most likely that there will be seven digital currencies follow closely in 2018, and may take place under Bitcoin, taking into consideration that the default currency investment requires closely due to the high volatility in this market.

Among the coins that we expect good gains in 2018, we remind Litecoin that reached a market value of about $19.53 billion, rose by more than 9% until December 19, 2017, Litecoin is called “silver Bitcoin”.

Litecoin as an alternative to Bitcoin to reducing the time it takes

Litecoin has been created as an alternative to Bitcoin with the aim of reducing the time taken to confirm new transactions, and it will probably be increasingly used in the procurement process in the coming period. Litecoin has also been created with the aim of producing more coins, as Litecoin has a maximum of 84 million currency, while the the composition has a maximum of 21 million currency, and currently some 54 million Litecoin are exchanged, compared to 16.7 million Bitcoin.

Market value of Bitcoin Cash

Not far from Bitcoin and Litecoin , we find Bitcoin Cash, which has a market value of $37.08 billion and in 2017 recorded an increase of 488% and, although it recently joined the virtual coins and specifically in August 2017, your immediate reply is issued by the composition, but it seeks to Persuade companies to adopt them as a means of payment, and have been issued with Bitcoin Cash of the digital currency in terms of market value for a short period in mid-November, and is currently falling to third place, the exchange of 16.8 billion coins out of a total supply of $21 billion.

NEO Ethereum China

Among the currencies that have also drawn attention recently, we find NEO, called “Ethereum China“, a candidate for explosion in 2018 if China has eased its restrictions on the composition, the new market value is $5.01 billion, and in 2017 it was about 69% higher. At present, 65 million coins out of 100 million are exchanged in the market.

Ripple Bridge Crossing

With regard to Ripple arrived market value to $29.66 billion achieved in 2017 rose by 12 percent, the New York Times has described Ripple as a bridge between Western Union and currency, without huge fees, and used Ripple to link the banks and services Payment and Exchange digital assets and businesses. And exchange about 38.7 billion dollars of the total maximum available by 100 billion dollars, much more than virtual currencies.

some digital currencies will rise in 2018 too 

  • Another currency created last October, Cardano, whose market value currently stands at 13.49 billion dollars, has so far yielded gains by 2.05%, although they were recently included in the market, they were able to be among the first 10 market-based jobs in the marketplace. About 26 billion dollars of the 45 billion cash coin are currently traded at a maximum.
  • We must also take into consideration IOTA  currency market worth 11.79 billion dollars in 2017 rose by 564%, what distinguishes this currency that no trading fees or adds or blocks, they do strive to become a secure means of payment over the Internet. His work has received a boost from its partnership with Iota Microsoft to join the list of the most popular digital currencies.
  • As for Monero , it was created by an unknown party modeled on Bitcoin, with a market value of $5.9 billion, and recorded a rise in 2017, specifically until Dec. 19, about 3.03%. It is characterized by its high encryption system, as it is difficult to detect the identity of the sender, the receiver or the volume of the transaction, which makes it more likely that this currency would be exploited in illicit transactions. Unlike Litecoin and Bitcoin, Monero does not have a specific size of the coins displayed.


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