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Make Your Tumblr Blog on Android and iPhone easily


new discharge could conceivably unravel a couple of those substance creation issues. On the off chance that you’ve at any point run a Tumblr blog you know that it is so natural to make a site, post an article and field remarks and social offers.

Some contend that it’s as yet the best blogging stage for people and organizations who might want a basic, no-bother method for boosting SEO and offering free substance to clients.

 Tumblr blog
Tumblr blog

This new iBuildApp highlight makes it a stride promote by taking your Tumblr articles and sending them to your versatile application. This way, when you make another post on your Tumblr blog, it appears as an eat your application on iPhone and Android.

Also, you can get an encourage from another blog that identifies with your industry too. This strategy totally removes your need to produce cool articles, however it keeps things applicable all through the procedure.

Keep in mind that the Tumblr feature works for both iPhone and Android.

What are the Tumblr features that transfer over to your mobile app?

  • Make the blog for free.
  • Deal with your blog from the solace of the Tumblr dashboard.
  • Post new articles with a simple editorial manager.
  • Uncover a remark segment on the versatile Tumblr application for clients to tell you what they think about the article.
  • Let your clients reblog posts they find fascinating.
  • Individuals can likewise go on the versatile application to like certain Tumblr articles you share.

the way to create a Tumblr blog on your mobile 

Step 1: Create a Tumblr Account

The first step in the process is to begin with a Tumblr account. This is a totally isolate some portion of adding it to your versatile application, yet it’s fundamental for creating and dealing with your own Tumblr blog. On the off chance that you as of now have a Tumblr blog setup, congrats! Don’t hesitate to avoid this progression and move onto the following ones.

 Tumblr blog
Tumblr blog

With respect to agreeing to accept Tumblr, hit the Get Started catch. It will get some information about some of your own data, alongside what you might want you login qualifications to be. Ensure you recall the login credentials for future reference.

You fundamentally simply need to stroll through the Tumblr information exchange ventures for this part, so entire the majority of the inquiries they ask you. At that point you can move onto the subsequent stage.

Step 2: Create Posts on Your Tumblr Blog

Making a post is done on the backend of the Tumblr interface. They give you a dashboard where you can create a post, tweak content and embed diverse sorts of media. For instance, on the off chance that you needed to transfer a picture you discovered on the web, the Tumblr interface is prepared for that.

After you have a couple of articles that your clients will appreciate, you’re prepared to begin sending those presents on your portable application. We likewise prescribe following a couple of different bloggers that identify with your industry. Along these lines you get new thoughts regarding content you can share, and they may wind up tailing you too.

Step 3: Add the Tumblr Feature to Your Mobile App in iBuildApp

Go to the iBuildApp Manage board. This is the place you can add the new Tumblr highlight to your application. You may need to begin by building an application from one of the many formats in the iBuildApp library.

You additionally have the choice to go straight to the element page for subtle elements and an establishment catch.

Step 4: Copy Over the Tumblr URL to Your Mobile App Field

While inside the application supervisor, tap on the Tumblr catch to uncover a field that requests your Tumblr blog URL. Duplicate this from the program where your Tumblr blog is opened, and glue it into the field. Tap on the Save catch to see a review of the blog.

 Tumblr blog
Tumblr blog


That is it! Presently whenever you make another blog entry in Tumblr, the application gets refreshed with the crisp substance. You don’t need to distribute it twice, and your clients get new articles to peruse all the more routinely.

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