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Special Google services for webmasters

Who expects Google to just search engine is definitely wrong. I have many Google services that are very special for webmasters. Which is constantly increasing. Google is not just a search engine. Therefore, webmasters will highlight Special Google services.

Special Google services for webmasters

Google services

Hot Keyword Finder Tool At Google Trends Sample Time

Google Trends

One of the most important and best tools. Provided by Google at all for webmasters. With this tool you can identify the most popular topics that Internet users are looking for at a particular time. And consider how you can link your site topics to these popular events from the public side. On the other hand, you can filter these topics by the domain of your site. You can view the most recent events or news of your site directly, and look for a way to take advantage of this. There is also a very important feature of this tool, which is that you can find out the rate of search for any keyword, compared with previous years.

Structured Data Testing Tool

Structured Data Testing Tool

With this tool you can add more Structures Data to the search results for your site. Additional data. Google allows each site owner to add them. And then appear in the search results. These additional data are like the site’s logo. Or contact database management. Or the appearance of social networking icons for the site.

Google Custom Search Engine Google CSE

Google CSE

With this tool you can place your own search bar on Google. Your visitors can search within the Google search engine and they are at your site. Also, you can link your AdSense account to this search bar. You get a commission whenever a user clicks on ads. That appear with search results.

Mobile-friendly Test

Mobile-friendly Test

With this tool, you can see how well your site appears on modern phone devices or as a smart phone. Just copy your url and place it in the custom rectangle within the tool. This tool will scan your site in less than a minute. And tells you to what degree compatible with modern telephone devices.

Free YouTube Video Hosting Service

Free YouTube Video Hosting

In conclusion to this topic we will put YouTube as a site owned by Google allows each site owner to host his marketing videos. The idea of marketing has recently spread through videos. Video does not require the tiredness and effort that reading needs for the user. It is also an attractive element for Internet users compared to written articles or texts. YouTube is a great video hosting service. Moreover you can profit from these videos by Google Adsense.

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