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Cloudways Web Hosting Service , as a good web hosting


Cloudways Web Hosting Service does many interesting things. Also it has cloud hosting that make it stands out in a very crowded field. It is a service that combines between powerful, and affordable architecture.

Cloudways Web Hosting Service Definition

Cloudways Web Hosting is one of the top providers of cloud hosting. Also Cloud hosting is the process of hosting through cloud. This process means that a huge number of servers work together as one system for a secure, and stable hosting for virtual servers.




Cloudways Web Hosting Service Benefits 

  • Cloudways Web Hosting is a good web hosting. Also it lets you choose from one of five platforms including Google Cloud Platform, and Amazon Web Services.
  • Through it you can sign up for a trial run, and it is without whipping out a credit card. Furthermore it allows wallet friendly pay.
  • Cloudways offers hosting in management. It means that the web host has your website maintenance. Also Cloudways allows you to build a site. You can sign up for a trial account in fourteen days. It will be by creating a username, and password. Or it will be by logging in using Github or Linkdedln credentials. Then you are tasked to choose a content management system. That will be from many famous sources. These sources include Joomla, Koken, Drupal, Moodle, WordPress, Media Wiki, PHP Stack, SugarCRM, and others. You can try the service for free before signing up.
  • There is flexibility on display. This flexibility extends to the selection in server. Also you can make a site, and choose one of many infrastructure as a service solutions.This include Digital Ocean, Google Cloud Platform, Amazon Web Services, and Vultr. Also you can select any server from many server locations that are available.
  • It has top- notch in 24 hours in 7 days web- based customer service. Also it supports many apps.

Cloudways Web Hosting Service Cons

Cloudways Web Hosting Service does not have domain registration option. For that reason you have to secure a domain from GoDaddy or some other sellers. Also it has unreliable phone support. Phone based customer support is in need to work. Email is not included in hosting accounts.


Cloudways Web Hosting Packages

Cloudways leverages many clustered servers resources to make a balance for your website load. It offers many pays as you go. There are cloud hosting packages that charge you for the amount of time you have used constantly. For instance, if you want to cancel a plan while ten days into a month, you will only pay the worth of hosting for these ten days. Hosts  such as DreamHost, and HostGator make you pay for the complete month, even if you cancel a week into the cycle. Cloudways have a traditional  monthly billing. The web hosting in a month starts at $10. It is for 25 GB of storage, 1TB of monthly data transfers, 1 GB of RAM, and a single core processor. Also scale is up to $1,035. It is for 3840 GB of storage, 12 TB of month data transfers, 192 GB of RAM, and a 32 core processor. Top- level specs in Cloudways have more in common with the SMB- friendly liquid web. This lets you to prepare a server with an wild 512 GB of RAM. If you want to bill hourly, it will start at over $0.01, and scale up to more than $1.43.


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