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Comparison Between Reseller Hosting VS Shared Hosting

Here we will speak about Reseller Hosting VS Shared Hosting Shared hosting is what most basic web hosting plans offer , these plans put many different websites on a single web server , all of which share the resources , such as storage RAM and bandwidth . Reselling hosting services gives you more control , over the management of your sites , as well as the ability to set up a unique account for each new website .

There is many differences between Shared Hosting and Reseller Hosting . So most people will be familiar with the concept of shared hosting .

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Reseller Hosting VS Shared Hosting
Reseller Hosting VS Shared Hosting

Differences between Shared Hosting and Reseller Hosting

Shared Hosting

Basically shared hosting means that , you are allocated a certain amount of space on us on a server.  that’s located in a data center and this is where you can host your websites , your emails .and that types of things . So if you’re new to hosting that’s probably the best option for you . because you get some space which you can use to publish your website , or maybe use a website builder . You can create your email addresses you get a control panel , so you’re totally in control and that’s the option that most people would use .

A shared hosting account has a specific amount of resources . It means that each additional website will share those resources with the other websites you have on this single account.

Reseller Hosting

Reseller hosting is if you need to set up multiple accounts , usually for different customers an example of somebody that might need a reseller account,  is someone who provides maybe web design services , or somebody who just has a number of different businesses , and they just want to keep them all separate . So what happens with reseller hosting is you’re giving a bulk amount of space , which you can then allocate up as you wish to for your customers , or for your web sites .

The great advantage of reseller hosting is that each of the accounts gets their own control panel login , and this way if you have customers , for example you can almost become like a web hosting company . it’s a very very low cost and you can give your customers a professional hosting solution, with their own control panel . So you as a reseller  you able to resell that space on at a profit to your customers , so there are a couple things to take into account with a reseller account .

The main advantage of Reseller Hosting

One of the great things is , that you can set up for example different packages . let’s say you wanted to have a bronze silver and a gold , and you can just set these up , and we don’t sort of take you there any limits on the way that you do that . let’s say that you want to set up one , where you give people one gigabyte of space .

You can set up as many accounts as you want and as long as in total , your customers aren’t using up all of the space in the reseller account , then you’ll be absolutely fine . so it gives you as I say the ability to set up different plans , and present yourself to your customers as a professional hosting company .

Reseller Hosting VS Shared Hosting

Hosting’s Customer Support

Now all of the everything on this on the server , will be all backed up and you get full 24 hour support . the only thing that we would say is that you are responsible for the first line support of your customers , if you have a problem that you can’t solve , then obviously come back to our support guys . they’re there 24/7 the support team is there to support you , and make sure that you get the most out of your reseller account .

So the the main difference in shared hosting , is normally for a business or an individual a home user , who just wants to set up maybe one or two websites , where as a reseller account is where you want to make the offer , that type of hosting service to your customers . it gives you much more flexibility .

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