Your guide to know about CDN hosting, and how it works

CDN hosting is a Content delivery network. It became important in the hosting world. Also many websites and applications that we interact with are work in one physical location. The content on the site (like images, text, and video) still in need to travel through wires all over the world. So Content delivery network is important in this case.


CDN hosting
CDN hosting

What is CDN hosting?

CDN is a content delivery network. Also it is a geographically distributed group of servers. They work in tandem in order to provide a fast delivery of Internet content. In stead of having everything in a central server, powerful servers in strategic locations provide the services that users need with more quality, consistency, and pace. A CDN allows for a fast transfer for loading Internet content including images, videos, HTML pages, javascript files, and stylesheets. CDN services became popular, and still grow. The web traffic is through CDNs, including traffic from many sites like Amazon,Facebook, and Netflix.


 CDN hosting Advantages

There are many advantages about CDN. These advantages are

1- Having a better server uptime

CDN reduces the load on the central server. It is by distributing it among multiple servers. Also This reduces the chances of central server to get crashed, and consequently providing better uptime.

2- The Improvement of user experience

The user can get improved user experience even when there’s a high traffic volume.

3- The optimization in SEO 

There are websites that have a lot of traffic,and take less than a second in loading. These websites come at the top in the search engine results. To be among the top sites in Google’s listing is very valuable. This because you don’t have to pay for the clicks and also get relevant traffic, free of cost.

4- Saving money  

CDN distributes the load, and it saves bandwidth. Also it increases your website performance. It reduces the costs associated with tools and software that you employ to boost your website speed. Having CDN is a good way to save money.

5- Improving website security  

A CDN improves security. It is by providing DDoS mitigation. Also improvements to security certificates, and other optimizations.

6- Having improved speed

The CDN servers are in everywhere. They help the content to reach to the user as quick as possible.They improve website loading time and server responding time.

7- Increasing content availability 

There are many amounts of traffic or hardware. The failure concerning them can interrupt normal website function. This because of their distributed nature. A CDN can handle more traffic and resist hardware failure better than many origin servers.


CDN hosting
CDN hosting

How can a CDN work?

A CDN is a network of servers. These servers linked together with the goal of delivering content. Delivering content to be as quickly, and securely as possible. a CDN puts servers at the exchange points between different networks. These Internet exchange points (IXPs) are the primary locations. They are where different Internet providers are in connection to provide each other the access to traffic originating on their different networks. After getting the connection to these high speed and locations that are in a high interconnected , a CDN provider has the ability to reduce costs. Also it has the ability to transit times in high speed data delivery. This to improve the speed and connectivity.


The differences between CDN hosting and Web hosting

There are differences between CDN hosting and Web hosting. These differences are

1- Web hosting delivers all of your content to the user. In other words, it all has to be retrieved from the web server hosting your website, which will take especially long if they are located across the world. A CDN hosting will deliver what is necessary from the closest servers.

2-  Web hosting hosts your website on one server that all users access. But a CDN hosting speeds up access to multiple servers.

In choosing CDN hosting the best CDN hosting should be transparent about where its servers are based. Also it should be transparent about all technical specifications, and their reliability.


CDN hosting vs Web hosting
CDN hosting vs Web hosting


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