5 Basic SEO Tips To Improve Your Website

Working on improving and configuring search engines. SEO Tips to Improve Your Website for SEO.That enhancing your site’s visibility into the first results of search engines is imperative that you should focus on if you want to succeed in the world of Internet and digital marketing.

5 Basic Tips SEO

SEO Tips To Improve Your Website

The broad of SEO is broad and vibrant. You have to go step by step, from stage to stage and more advanced. In this article 5 tips for beginners in search engines will enhance the appearance of your site in the first results.

1- Use multiple images

Use multiple images

Various images and visual shapes are a very effective way to break the monotony of content and divide it into pieces that are easy to read and digest. Prompting visitors to read as much of the article as possible Without any boredom. As Google is very interested in the standards of experience. Any way that will increase visitors’ stay on your site will boost your SEO efforts. The graph above shows that there is correlation and reciprocal relationship between the use of at least one image and ranking in search engines.

Image SEO For Better SEO

2- Using short URLs

Using short URLs

Short URL addresses are much better than others for users first, and for subsequent search engines where they directly or indirectly improve the ranking of your site in the first results of search engines. Backlinko analyzed nearly 1 million searches. The noted that short headlines performed better than long headlines.

Benefits Of Shorten URL

3- Include the keyword in the first 100 characters of the article

Include the keyword

This advice may be somewhat keyword SEO, and may give you high or normal results, and may not affect at all. But including the keyword in the first 100 characters of the article. Will not hurt you at all since the visitor when he sees that the keyword he used in the search already exists in the article. Will realize that it is in the right place.

4- Write a detailed description of your videos on YouTube

description for videos on YouTube

Writing a detailed and somewhat long description below each of your videos on YouTube SEO helps the search engine understand what the basic video is about and what it’s about. Experts are advised to write a description of at least 250 characters for videos on YouTube.

5- Make sure your site is Mobile friendly with different smartphones and screens

Mobile friendly

I think this is very primitive advice, but the most important advice in this article. Google has now become literally sanctifying the importance of mobile phones in various searches. If your site is not well-optimized for screens of different sizes. All your search engine optimization efforts will be wasted.

SEO Tutorials for Beginners 2017

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