Get started with Udemy online courses website

We will talk all thing about Udemy online courses,

such as its definition, offers, features, udemy online courses website sign-up and prices.

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Udemy online courses

Udemy is the most popular website in buying or selling an online course.

If you want to purchase online courses Udemy is the good one.

In this topic, E Helper Team (We) are talking about udemy as a good, and popular online courses website


Udemy is an online courses website.

students can learn new skills and expert instructors can create and share paid courses.

This in order to help students to improve their skills. Also, It is a global marketplace.

It provides opportunities for instructors to connect to many students from all over the world, and to make money.

Through Udemy, students can develop their careers and also explore a wide variety of hobbies.

Website offers

As a course marketing platform, Udemy offers courses such as programming, digital marketing, web development, mobile development and software testing.

Furthermore, it offers such as digital photography, cartoon drawing, English grammar, Spanish language, public speaking, and others.

Also, It provides the support to guide instructors and to provide them with the quality in creating courses online.

The courses are in levels such as beginner, intermediate, advanced.

Concerning the price, it is free or paid.

Simply you can write the class type you want in the search bar, and you will get it.


There are many features concerning Udemy.

These features are:

1- Course Marketing

2-Search and Discovery

3- External Partnership Promotions

4- Course Quality Checklist

5- Discounts and  Coupons

6- Training Videos

7- Retargeting Ads

8- Action-Based Email Campaigns

Udemy online courses website sign-up

Udemy courses are on-demand, and also there are no deadlines to complete it.

Also, you can get udemy from different platforms, and devices such as  Android app, iOS app, desktop/laptop.

After signing up you can have the access to the course by clicking on the course link you will receive in your confirmation email.

Also, you can sign up easily.

Only type Full Name, E-mail, and Password.

If you are not satisfied with any course in Udemy you can request a full refund within 30 days of purchasing a course.

Source: Udemy


The pricing varies according to the instructor.

The range is between  $29 – $99,

and there are courses in pricing reach to $ 299.

Also, there are many courses that are free.

Finally, In Udemy for the business section, you will find that it offers two plans: team plan, and Enterprise plan.

This depends on the number of users in your team or company.

Source: Wikipedia

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