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5 easy ways to increase your followers on Instagram

Increase your followers on Instagram has become an area of interest to many people because of the big Instagram fame of our time

Instagram is one of the most important sites for social media and a field of use for millions of people.

So a lot of people are interested in increasing the number of followers on it for promotion by creating an Instagram marketing strategy for their business or for other purposes.

Increase your followers on Instagram

When it comes to Instagram such as analyzing traffic and increase the followers on it.
It’s just not that easy at this time to get more Instagram followers.
this was happening last year or two ago but now it’s very difficult.
So if you want to really stand out, get more followers and show off your brand on Instagram, you’ve got to work more and smarter.
Because Instagram is a competitive location in the case if you want your account to grow and you want to boost your account.
Because there are more than 1 billion users a month, creative brands an ultra-smart algorithm, and tons of clever, on Instagram.
The E-helper team site wants you to be familiar with the important tips and methods you need to do to increase the number of followers on your Instagram account.

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Ways to increase your followers on Instagram

1. Use paid methods to increase your followers on Instagram

there are a lot of programs can do that but the most famous is Jarvee.

2. Put your URL site in your bio

It’s a highlight of your Instagram profile.
You must abide by its implementation but change it at least twice a week
and use the clickable link in your bio to get your newest traffic or most popular content.

3. Promote your specific hashtag

For Example, It’s good you created your company’s # Ehelperteam hashtag,

but who knows who can use it to share your content?

To promote your company hashtag:
Make sure that this is in your profile, and after that, you have to print this hashtag on your receipts, on signage in your store in print ads, and at relevant events.

Integrate campaigns by making sure they are listed in your other social profiles,
in your email and on your website, That all until people know your company hashtag.

4. Follow the influencer marketing accounts

By visiting each person’s profiles you identified as his an influencer and turn on notifications of every content which post by them until to be notified.
That’s because you can interact regularly with them and become one of their favourite individuals or brands. As shown below:


5. Make contests on your Instagram account

It’s a great way to broaden your reach,

while increasing your involvement in your photos is to publish a post that promotes a contest,

with that ask the people to follow your account.

A user-generated content element may also be added to the contest,

where people post their own photograph and use your account with a specific hashtag.

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