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Here for you Jarvee Software explanation

We came to you with Jarvee Software explanation includes how to install it and how to add an Instagram account in order to get more followers.

Our site: E helper team would like you to be familiar with one of the ways that are a major reason for increasing the number of followers so we will explain the structure of the program and steps to add Instagram on it.

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Jarvee Software explanation

How to set up Jarvee Software?

It’s quite simple to install JARVIE, so here for you the steps:
1- After the installer has been downloaded,
To start the setup process, double click on it. Then, Click Next>

2- Read and understand the License Agreement Terms before you agree
and then perform the steps in the order numbered as in the following picture.

Jarvee Software

3- Click “Browse” to choose where you want to install the software on your computer or leave it as it is.
Then click Next.


4- After that in the next Page don’t do anything just click on install to start the installation process.
When the installation is finished.

5- finally, the last page that will appear to you
from it, You can choose to start JARVIE by ticking the checkbox you specify then click the finish button.


6- The installation was successful.

5 Steps to Add Instagram Account 

1. From the main interface of the Jarvee, Move on the panel on the left side then Click on “Social Profiles” after that Add Profile button as appears in the next photo.

Social Profiles
Social Profiles

2. Select Instagram and right underneath, click the “Add Profile” button.


3. Add your username and password for Instagram to the boxes specified.
Noticeable: You can also add a name for your account to add convenience.
Especially when hundreds of accounts are being managed.

4. After you have provided the qualifications for your account, Click on the Verify account key.

Jarvee Software

5. Now Jarvee will try to login to your account automatically.

After effectively logging in, A VALID status will be displayed and just like that,
Now you can start the automatic follow- schedule, unfollow, comment and all the works.

Source: Jarvee

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