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What is E-Marketing definition ?

To know more about E-Marketing definition,

Read this article.

because we will explain the most famous of the pros and cons related to it.

These words:

planning, distribution, pricing of products, executing the conception, promotion, services in a computerized, at world wide web are meaning E-marketing.

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Pros and cons of E-Marketing definition


A- Until you can build relationships with customers around the world,

and you can always shop or order your customer’s product.

B- Marketing provides the internet with its users with 24-hour and 7-day service in a week.

C- Marketing offers more convenience and more competitive prices for customers.

D- Numerous social media sites,

such as Facebook, Linkedin and Google allow your business to be free advertised and promoted.

So there is no cost of spreading a message on the internet.

E- In the case of a company has an information sensitive business,

such as a newspaper, online magazine, or law firm,

It can also deliver its products to customers directly without having to use a courier.

F- Your website visitors or potential customers also can get information about each visit up.

G- You can update your registered customers.

Or subscribers via email easily and instantly.

H- As soon as you open your email,

your customers can start shopping at low prices.

if you’re selling.

Cons of E-Marketing definition

A- You’ve got to spend money.

If you want a strong and good campaign for online advertising.

B- There are a lot of wrong beliefs about internet security.

So many business website visitors will not want to make a purchase using their credit card because of that,

there’s a fear in your visitors ‘ minds that their credit card information will steal.

C- Your company should update all the information on your website.

This requires research and skills,

So timing updates are also necessary.

D- Some people prefer buying directly from the market.

and if your company has one location in a small business,

this may also discourage long-distance buying customers.

E- Your business needs to reach as many people as possible.

because nearly over 60 per cent of people are now online on a day shop and those numbers are increasing.

Source: Wikipedia

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