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Broken links checker WordPress – Let’s discover

Broken links checker WordPress is a very important process, so let’s know the reasons for and consequences of broken links, manual Solution for it and how to solve broken links using a plugin on your website? all that you will find in this article.

Broken links checker WordPress

The reasons for and consequences of broken links at WordPress

You’ve ever clicked a link, or show a mistake only, go to the incorrect page, or Did you say that there is no longer the content you are looking for? If so, a broken link has been found.

In particular, when the page to be relocated, removed, or if your URL is modified a broken link happens.

In this context, you will never bring tourists to the correct location any more by adding a connection to your content, instead, a 404 error will often appear.

For websites of long-standing, at least a few broken links will probably be there.

The websites are updated and revised continuously, and the next day can readily be a blog post that’s there, for several reasons, this is an issue, such as:

– Broken links frustrate users understandably, and could guide them on your website to give up.

– You can also render your content unreliable and unfamiliar.

– links that don’t work can be pretty dangerous to the optimization of your search engine.
Although all that can sound rather awful, don’t be concerned.
Fixing broken links is a very easy method in WordPress.
Let’s, however, address how not to deal with your site’s broken links.

Manual Solution

You can technically fix broken links manually on your site, you can access every page and post to your website, check all the links inside.

Why manually check for broken links is a bad solution?

But this is an unbelievable moment, consumption on all but the smallest of the websites.

Moreover, this way you must repeat the task on a regular basis, take care of more significant activities.

You can instead use a plugin to simplify both and automate the checking process for broken and removing or replacing links.

Let’s look at how in reality this works.

How to solve broken links using a plugin on your website?

To make sure every connection operates correctly on your site.
The correct tool you need such as Broken Link Checker is the plugin to fix connections to your website.
You can easily use it, and very personalizable.
or there are other options for discovering broken links, such as:
Some internet hosting systems, especially WP Engine and GoDaddy, block the Broken Link Checker because too many system resources can be used.
If you are on one of these hosts on your website, you can still discover broken links automatically.
You just have to use a tool for a third party.
There are some excellent choices, such as:

1- Screaming Frog

This is a common SEO content instrument to support broken links.
The only downside is that you have to download the real program.

2- W3C Link Checker

It’s an instrument based on cloud which allows you to find broken links only through the URL of your site.

Source: Wpshout

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