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Let’s know top 6 Facebook ads problems

Then there are the 10 biggest Facebook ads problems that we see here with businesses trying to manage their own Facebook ads.

Facebook ads problems

1- Focus on the Wrong Audience

In short, a major part of a successful Facebook advertising campaign is to get your ad out to people who want what your company offers.

You must also ensure that your ad appeals to these young men.
However, most organizations are mistakenly retargeting on Facebook ads the wrong audience.

And, just as poorly, they do not set any guidelines for their Facebook ads.

Their Facebook ads don’t bring new customers.

Because the people who could really want what they have to sell do not touch or appeal.

2- Do not track conversions or click rate

In short, Your Facebook ads will not be able to monitor the response, You’ve no way to know your campaign’s success.

Unfortunately, many companies don’t know how important tracking is, or how to do it.

As a result, they run an ad campaign on Facebook without any knowledge as to whether their ads affect their business.

3- Disconnect to a Website

In short, If the users of Facebook want to know more about your business, they have to ask where the website should be located.

Some of them could be Google’s name after seeing your ad, by clicking on your ad, most of you want to access your website.

If you do not include a reference to your website in your ad, some of those who would be involved in your company otherwise will miss you.

Some of those who would be involved in your company otherwise will miss you.

4- Facebook ads problems: A / B testing failure

In short, Different Facebook ads receive various responses because of their messages, photos or designs.

One of the issues that we have with businesses trying to manage their own Facebook ads is that they have not been able to test different ads for the best solution.

In consequence, they miss the business with a better ad.

5- Facebook ads problems: Do not use different images

In short, Pictures are key to Facebook ad success.

These are the first things that catch the eye of the Facebook user and usually are why a user clicks on the ad.

That is why a variety of images should be used per ad.
It is harder to reach a large sufficient audience without a series of different images.

The correct number of pictures, from your target audience you will expect as much attention and response as possible.

6- Remove the hyperlink

In your Facebook ads, you must include a link to your website, you don’t have to leave a text hyperlink.
This makes your ad less trustworthy and pointless for people to access your website.

Source: Huffingt on post

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