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5 Steps for creating a LinkedIn company page

Here are steps for creating a LinkedIn company page, and how to make your LinkedIn profile the best, just read this article.

Creating a LinkedIn company page

Linkedin is one of the tools of online marketing.

Fortunately, it is very simple to create a company page with LinkedIn, by following the next steps:

1- Click the Work icon in your LinkedIn homepage at the top right corner.

2- Select the option “Create a company page.”

Creating a LinkedIn company page
Creating a LinkedIn company page

3- Choose the option “Small Business”, or choose “Medium to large business”, according to your company size.

Creating a LinkedIn company page
Creating a LinkedIn company page

4- Type details of the name, organization or agency and profile information on the site.
Do not forget to check that by ticking the checkbox you have the right to act on behalf of the firm.

Creating a LinkedIn company page
Creating a LinkedIn company page

5- Tab “Create page.”

Create page
Creating a LinkedIn company page

Please note that you may receive an error message if your LinkedIn account is new or if you do not have enough connection.

This means that if you want a company website, you need to build your profile and extend your network.

Tab “Start building your page” once you have built your account.

After creating a LinkedIn company page , Make your LinkedIn profile the best

The 5-step process for creating your company page LinkedIn is only the beginning.

If you want to achieve results, you need to optimize the company page.

To do this, you must take the following into account.

Create an “About” page

The page “About” is the first thing anyone can see when clicking on the LinkedIn profile of your organization.
Three things you have to do here:

Say Your Story

In short, Remember how you stored dates for a history test back in high school and forgot about the second time you left class.

It is difficult to track these dates because we are not linked to the facts, they are connected to the memory of stories.

But what does your LinkedIn profile have to do with this?

Okay, when you give a number of facts to your company page users, their eyes are glazing and when you leave the site they will not remember much.

On the other side, people will remember it for a long time if you tell a story and do it well.

So the company is going to consider them too.

Sell your goods and services

In short, No, we don’t mean, in return for goods, to ask people literally for money.

We mean the price of the product/service that you are offering.

The difference between the features and the advantages here is important to understand:

One feature is a product feature (e.g.: “These mobile phones are resistant to water”).

An advantage is that your customer gets value from the product.

Providing social proof

In short, we are social beings.

We learned to look at other people when we were not sure what we were doing.
That is why it is so important to have social proof.

One would like to be the first person to try a new product.

Most people don’t want an unknown company to take a chance.
They want to have a certain thing.

And social evidence can help potential customers who’re on the bottom still make a decision about Yes or No.

It’s all right if you’re just starting out and have no social facts yet to think about.
You ought to do some work!

However, you need to add it to your “About “- page once you receive something, be it a customer review, a media statement or a feature in a prestigious publication.

An “About” page telling your story, selling your brand and providing social proof is a great way to introduce potential customers to your business.

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