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All you need to discover in Amazon affiliate requirements

If you’re just beginning, or a successful long term membership, you should know more about Amazon affiliate requirements (Amazon’s TOS) rules must be adhered to,

Don’t ban from your Associate account.

It can be complicated, as many rules exist and often incoherently applied.

You will give more leeway if you are a major Amazon affiliate with a lot of business.

Amazon affiliate requirements

In short, Amazon can be very strict if you are a newer affiliate.

The TOS guidelines are not helpful in describing themselves in a complicated long document.

In fact, you need to follow two documents:

  •  Associates Program Operating Agreement
  • Associates Program Policies

Just look at the things you’d banned from WILL.

Events which will block your account with Amazon Associate

In short, You must mark yourself as an associate/affiliate.

Amazon Affiliate Disclosure Statement

This is essential and needs to be done.

You can connect this to the websites for products made by Amazon automatically on some websites.

In the operating agreement, the text specified by Amazon is:

amazon affiliate requirements
amazon affiliate requirements

You need to mention the last price change date and time

In short, You will show when the price has taken out of Amazon if you reveal the prices.

Please use the Publicity API (API) for the price.

This happens like which appear in this video:

Don’t make the links disappear

In short, The fact that you are sending Amazon customers can not be covered.

The link the user follows to amazon’s website needs to be clear.

There are no email affiliate links.

In short, The client can’t send an e-mail to Amazon directly.

You can then return them to your website and select the Amazon link.

This is always best practice as you will then be able to send them into a certain landing page and insert a potential retargeting Facebook cookie.

No offline promotion allowed for you.

Amazon affiliate requirements: Within eBooks, do not put links

In short, we typically use eBooks as lead magnets for e-mail capture and auto-response sequence.

Yet Amazon connections can’t found in these eBooks.

Once more, you can connect the Amazon item to your website.

Amazon affiliate requirements: Just one Associate account

In short, Amazon Associates Affiliate : You can only manage your site and campaign by means of one account, but you can have a large number of identification numbers (up to 100).

Do not copy or paste photos or Amazon review.
The Amazon API is used to import all images and reviews.

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