Why can’t mining Ripple unlike Bitcoin and digital currencies?

Can Ripple be mined? In other words, can anyone use his computer in order to get some digital coins of this kind, as is the case with Bitcoin and Ethereum and other digital coins?

Obviously, you can use specialized programs on your computer or buy mining equipment for digital currencies and invest in this case is the time and cost of electricity, the process is time consuming.


The answer to that question is not simply, and you can search Cloud Ripple Mining or Ripple mining to discover this fact.

It is true that you’ll find some pages that claim to offer this service or help you on that, but some are actually offering mining bitcoin you say simply “you can’t Ripple mining”.

Central digital currency under control of one company

This really shows you why Ripple is not exposed to the attack from the banks and the global financial system unlike the composition, it is a regular currency controlled by the American Ripple company.

It produced 100 billion and is an official number will not increase and not decrease, there are about 39 billion from them for trading.

Bitcoin is produced by people who have turned their computers into part of a large global network for mining and distribution of data, while in the case of Ripple company is handling the process.

One way to get Ripple XRP 

There are not two ways to get the XRP and they are investing in them by purchasing them from the trading platforms that provide you around on their loads.

Mining and either get them out of the blue he is they are great here, and can be used by swindlers in order to catch those who want to get them for free.

No devices for XRP Ripple mining or mining platforms that offer someone, make sure he is trying to scam you.

Bank-specific digital currency

Add to that, the XRP are basically geared to banks and financial institutions that can be used to speed up transactions finance, those enterprises can also use their own block Chen techniques without the need for this coin

Investors in this currency are betting on the tendency of banks to buy huge amounts of this coin in order to improve their services, not to sell them and provide them to their customers they do not come to be a substitute for the dollar and coins.

There are more than 80 banks currently working on the adoption of this technology, and there are explicit calls for the benefit of the services of this company.



For the foregoing reasons we make sure that the mining of the XRP is not possible unlike the composition and the digital currencies that embrace the decentralization so in case I come across an ad for the possibility of mining it and getting it that way, I know it’s a trap for a grunt.

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