Lisk price rises by 65% on the BitFlyer list

Lisk price rises by 65 per cent after listing it in BitFlyer. An cryptocurrency exchange platform in Japan. Despite the fact that the coded currencies today witnessed a significant decline. Lisk was out of control and saw a 65 per cent rise in succession to Bittrex. Japan’s strongest encrypted exchange platform.

Lisk price

Lisk price is up 65%

Wednesday has been tough on the encrypted currency markets. Where the price of the Betcairn dropped below $ 10,000 barrier. While the market value of the currency was lower than $ 500 million for the first time since January 17.

However, one currency has emerged to resist this decline and has made strong progress against the dollar. Lisk, the Blockchain platform that stores decentralized applications in Sidechains. Saw its price rise during intraday trading.

Binance also recorded a large number of Lisk trades, trading against Betquin. While LSK / KRW market, Upbit in South Korea revealed that the largest proportion of Lisk trading was the official currency interview. Most of the remaining volume of Lisk is concentrated in Bitcoin and Ethereum.

Lisk was trading around $ 21.50 on Bittrex. At this point, the price rose abruptly, with Lisk within 25 minutes at $ 36.27. Representing an increase of over 65 per cent. But as soon as possible, the Lisk price fell below $ 30, but it is still trading well above its previous level. At present, Lisk is valued at $ 26.17 on Bittrex. Representing an increase of about 20% in one day, and translates into a market value of approximately $ 3.1 billion.

BitFlyer stands behind the Lisk rising

Lisk’s rise was directly linked to the list of currencies encoded on BitFlyer. The most powerful encrypted exchange platform in Japan.

The addition was remarkable – and unexpected – since BitFlyer was only supported by five alternative Altcoins. Ethhereum, Ethhereum Classic, Bitcoin Cash, Litecoin, and Monacoin.


The inclusion of Lisk in BitFlyer has not only introduced it into one of the world’s largest encrypted currency markets. But has also provided an opportunity to trade against an official currency as BitFlyer supports JPY trading.

BitFlyer’s server capability appears to have been strained, with several interruptions in the hours immediately following the announcement of the listing of Lisk trading.

LSK (Lisk) Weapon Blockchain to fight central

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