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With iCopify Get Backlinks From High-Quality Websites, 18271 Websites & Blogs That Accept Guest Posts, Which contributes to Increasing The Visibility Of Your Website, and Accelerate Your Business Growth With iCopify Service

A- BUYERS in iCopify

  1.  Increasing traffic, leads, and sales: Placing your content on relevant websites will help you reach your target audience, bring more loyal customers & boost your sales.
  2.  Backlinks from sites with real traffic: Get backlinks from relevant websites which will pull organic and relevant traffic who will be interested in your products/services.
  3.  Greater savings in the budget: Guest blogging is considered to be a cheaper alternative to the famous paid advertising approach.
  4.  As a Buyer, Never Pay Until You’re 100% Satisfied
  5.  Higher rankings on SERP: Getting links placed on websites will help you skyrocket your ranking on google.

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copify pricing

The price varies from site to site, Domain Authority, the number of links available, and the type of link available, all these are criteria
See the following picture:

copify pricing

Terms and conditions to adhere by Buyers

1- You(The buyer) have the right to choose a platform to promote in agreement with the details provided by Publishers on the iCopify server.

2- The task would be immediately rejected in case:

    • For more than 14 days, the task is present in the Acceptance status of the publisher
    • The publisher has not tried to send the project for buyer’s approval even though it has been present under the Progress status for more than 14 days

3- Buyer is provided with full right to connect with the iCopify support team ( even when the task is still in progress) & request to reject the allocated publisher if the below-mentioned conditions occur:

    • The assigned task has been lying in progress for a minimum of 5 days
    • His/Her messages are not receiving a response from the publisher
    • He/she receives no updates on whether the publisher is still working on the project

4- The prices for all services are individually set by the Publishers

5- All communication taking place between the Publishers & Buyers is stored on the iCopify server and could anytime be used by the administration in solving any kind of dispute.

6- You have full authority to return any content to the publisher, not meet any mentioned requirements of the task.

7- You(The buyer) cannot alter the task brief after the publisher has already started working on the task.

8- You(The buyer) will have to pay the required commission for availing of iCopify Services.

9- The right to make any payment for the task is reserved on the buyer’s end. Only once the task gets finished, the payment is released to the publisher’s account balance.

10- In the scenario of insufficient funds in the account, you will be asked to refill the account balance. The minimum money total which can be added is 50 USD.

11- The buyer’s account is considered to be inactive if it remains dormant for more than 180 days.

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Terms and conditions for buyers when buying an article

You(The buyer) have the full authority to purchase any article/content by placing the order with your account. You have to decide the topics, theme, categories, or any issue related to the article required by you. You would also have to inform the writer about the minimum number of words that are required.

4.1. Ordering an Article

When you order an article, you should provide complete and correct information. You will be responsible for all the data that you share and will also have to face the necessary consequences in case any incorrect or incomplete information is submitted.

You will have to agree that since the writers create the article, iCopify cannot be held responsible for those articles in any way, including any kind of breach or damage, or violation of the third party’s rights arising in reference to the article.

4.2. Acceptance of an Article

Once the writer completes an article, it will be sent to you for feedback and review, following which you can choose to:

  • accept the completed article; or
  • review & request a change within three days from the date of receipt of your article, with a maximum number of one amendment request per single article; or
  • dismiss and reject the submitted article with a revision request.

4.3. Article Revision Request

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In case you do not inform us about the required change within three days starting from the date of article submission, then it is considered to be accepted as per the terms and conditions.

When you decide to submit or inform them about the required changes to the writer, then you should be very clear and crisp in giving a detailed brief. In case the writer fails to modify or make the required changes as per the instruction of the buyer, then you have the full right to reject such an article. In this case, the money which was reserved for the article will not be charged and returned from your reserved balance to your main account balance.

But, iCopify will still hold the final decision to judge whether the article rejection appeal is justified or not.

4.4. Rights to accept the article

You(The buyer) will have your rights to the article only once it is accepted and paid for by you in full. As soon as the article gets accepted, you gain full authority to use, distribute, and sell that article in any type of media at your convenience.

terms and conditions

Copify sign up

Copify sign up

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The method of registering on the iCopify website as a buyer is very simple

icopify buyers Dashboard

icopify buyers Dashboard

You can choose to buy a guest post, or buy an article
1- Guest Posting & Link Insertions Services, From $8.55 Per Placement

See the following picture:

Link Insertions Services

What is the difference between – Content Placement – Content Creation & Placement – Link Insertions?

If you choose Content Placement, the publishers will post an article (with your link) provided by you on their websites.
If you choose Content Creation & Placement, the publishers will write and post an article with all your requirement on their websites.
If you choose Link Insertions, the publishers will add your link to an existing article (chosen by you) on their websites.

How long do Content placements last?

All content placements will usually last indefinitely, the majority will be around for many years and nearly all will remain at least while the blog owner runs their website.
However, if your article/link is deleted within less than 180 days, a refund will be made to your Buyer’s balance to be spent within our platform.
You may experience some loss which is just the nature of guest posting as websites owner may choose to not run their site anymore.

I’m not satisfied with my purchase. Can I get a refund?

As a first step, we invite you to settle the dispute with the Publisher (There is a message icon on the top right corner of the task page).
If you can’t find an amicable resolution, a refund is possible if the publisher has not respected its publication rules.

Can I communicate with publishers?

Yes, you can communicate with publishers via messages after placing your order. There is a message icon on the top right corner of the task page.


2- Professional Content Writing Services, From $4.50 Per Blog Post

See the following picture:

Professional Content Writing Services

How to deposit money into the account, to purchase services from the iCopify website?

The site accepts payment via PayPal, with a minimum of 10 dollars, and Get up to 20% off any funds you deposit to your account

How to deposit money into the account

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