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LSK (Lisk) Weapon Blockchain to fight central

Understand exactly what is LSK (Lisk). In our time, we have the App Store and Play Store. Both are central solutions owned by two central application companies. But Lisk seeks to build a decentralized future. In order to achieve this. Lisk is working hard to make Blockchain technology accessible to everyone. By building a Blockchain application platform available both to users and developers.

explanation LSK (Lisk)

A simplified explanation of what LSK (Lisk)

On May 24, 2016, Lisk Blockchain started its own encrypted currency called LSK. Since then, Lisk has worked hard with its contractors to launch their Software Development Kit (SDK).

SDK is a JavaScript-based framework for deploying the blockchain network next to the main Lisk network. Decentralized applications can be built on your own buccaneer basis.

The possibilities are endless, such as developing platform independent social networks, games, and so on. All this is on your Blockchain network. Which includes the appropriate Token token, and is completely decentralized. Without the hassle of complex algorithms or protocols but peer-to-peer networks.

clarify more, we will list some points

Lisk is

  • Decentralized network

Lisk is a decentralized network such as Bitcoin, Nxt, or BitShares. Lisk does not use a Proof of Work algorithm such as Bitcoin, nor Proof of Stake, such as Nxt. But use the so-called Delegated Proof of Stake.

  • Cryptocurrency

Lisk is an cryptocurrency called LSK. Sending LSK from one account to another takes 10 seconds. After about a minute to two minutes the transaction can be considered unchangeable.

  • Framework

The SDK application (Lisk) is a framework for deploying your Sidechains and developing blockchain applications on their basis. Everything is written in JavaScript. This means that you can develop a platform for independent social networks, games, financial applications, exchanges, storage platforms, contract execution platforms and much more on your proxies, completely decentralized, and without hassle.

  • Sidechains platform

In the previous section, I read that the Lisk SDK allows you to publish Sidechain on Lisk. Where all specifications, transactions and transaction types can be changed to fit your blockchain application.

  • Blockchain Application Platform

The most interesting part for Lisk users is being a Blockchain application platform. The Lisk SDK application only allows the deployment of Sidechains; it also provides all the tools needed to develop a Blocking application. Blocking is not just a text application that works in a decentralized and unreliable way. It is much stronger.

  • Blockchain services platform

Blockchain services are a subset of Blockchain applications. It allows you to do something very specific.

  • Guide to decentralized applications

With Lisk not only an available network, ecosystem, and decentralized blockchain applications. But also a decentralized guide to applications that everyone can access. All blockchain applications and services built on the Lisk platform must be registered on the mainchain main chain for Lisk. This way a link between mainchain and Sidechain is created and the application directory can find all the applications and services of the blockin.

  • Market is decentralized and public

Lisk Marketplace is a way to link developers to Blockchain applications and Sidechain delegates. This is necessary, because each Sidechain is an independent blocin requiring a special set of insurance contract.

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