Page Speed in mobile is a new factor in Google search ranking

Google is using page speed in mobile search ranking. Google announced in a statement on its official blog that it will include a new factor in the order of the phone search, which is page speed.

Page Speed in mobile

Googel is Using page speed in mobile search ranking

Google announced that starting in July 2018. Page speed will be a ranking factor for mobile searches. Google has indicated in this statement that “update speed” will not affect all pages. It will even affect the pages that offer the slowest experience for users. This application will apply the same standard to all pages. Google stressed that the goal is still to provide good content and large and appropriate even if the page is slow.

In its statement, Google indicated that the developer is encouraged to see whether the update affects the user’s performance on their page. Google has suggested some tools that can be used to evaluate page performance.

  • Chrome User Experience Report
  • Lighthouse
  • PageSpeed Insights

Google Finded more mobile-friendly search results

It should be noted that Google earlier announced a statement on its official blog also concerns mobile. It will incorporate two new operators into the converted phone search algorithm, to achieve better results for visitors.

  • First: mobile-friendly It will be officially launched on April 21 and is expected to start working on this new factor.
  • The second factor is to raise the order of archived applications in the search engine for users who have only registered in the phone search. Which Google started on February 26 – just two days before the date of writing this article.

Mobile-Friendly sites will achieve better search results

Google says that the date of April 21 will bring website owners more than just a mobile-friendly markup. Instead, these sites will get a better ranking in the search by mobile phone. This update will significantly affect the search process to include All languages of the world.

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