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Search engines importance and how do people use it?

There is no doubt that search engines are of great importance to people’s lives. How people use search engines؟

  • There are three main players in getting natural visitors through search engines.
  • They are the users of the search engines and any potential users of your site. And then your site and its quality and achievement of what potential users seek.
  • Then the search engines themselves run all that process.

Search engines importance

The stages a search engines user goes through to reach your site

  • Recognizing the need

The user knows that he or she needs a specific chi or needs to answer a question, solve a problem, or see a specific piece of information.

  • The decision to use the search engine

At this point the user decides that he will use the search engine to get what he wants.

  • Formulating the research sentence

At this stage the user will create and formulate the sentence that crosses and describes what is needed.

  • Inserting the word or the research sentence

At this stage the user will type the sentence he has typed into the search engine and press the search button waiting for the results that the search engine brings.

  • Browse results stage

At this point the user reads the addresses quickly and sometimes describes the search results that appear in front of him.
Trying to reach the best result appropriate and has to do with what he is actually looking for.

  • Visit some of the results

At this point, the user visits some of the results that he thinks have to do with what he is looking for and examines whether the content is in line with what he or she actually wants.

  • Go back to search results or try to formulate the research sentence in another way

If the user gets what he wants through some of the results that he visited their links, then the research process is finished.
If they are not fully satisfied, they may return to search results again and try to examine more results.
Or to redraft the research sentence again.

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