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Top tips for Increasing your website traffic from Facebook page


Recently, the Facebook page has not become as effective as it used to be. Sure, everyone who relies on free Facebook traffic has noticed it.
We all agree that getting website traffic from a Facebook page depends primarily on how many people see your page’s publications from the ground up.

website traffic from Facebook page

Why is it harder to get website traffic from Facebook page?

Facebook has become more crowded with pages, people and friends too. And the Facebook user page is limited to the number of postcards that appear on the page. The emergence of publications has to be determined based on Facebook algorithms. It is the equation of priorities that we have used in our lives in all its aspects have been applied on Facebook itself. As we have always used here in the winners’ site. Also we can make you understand how things first happen in order to understand the roots.

So we will address this question first:

What are the most important reach factors of the Facebook publications?

First, it must be recognized that no one outside the Facebook team itself knows exactly how these algorithms work.
But the good news is that there are several important and influential factors that we will tell you here.

  • Only links with links have a lower impression rate than other types of publications.
  • The older the publication, the lower the percentage of impressions.
  • The greater the interaction on the publication, the greater the number of page members.
  • Furthermore Facebook knows that each user has a favorite set of pages, and usually shows them more.
  • This is determined by interaction with the page in the past.
  • There is a feature Facebook has recently added, allowing each account to add the favorite pages in the “see first” list, thus giving priority to these pages.
  • Facebook also takes into account the negative postings and post-hide.

Now let us turn to the most important question in this matter:

How to get more website traffic from my Facebook page

  • Choose the right time for your publications.
  • You definitely know where your page members live, so you know the right time to choose your post.
  • For example, 6 am is not a good time to make a new publication.
  • In addition avoid downloading many publications with a direct link.
  • You can place a publication with an image and place the link you want in the text section to comment on the image.
  • It is not necessary every time, to put postings to market your product or service.
  • Be sure to give your page members good information about your page specialty. As a result you can share them with topics on sites other than yours. Or give them free books.
  • Make them think your page is useful to them.
  • Always put in front of your eyes that you are dealing with human beings who love laughter and fun.
  • Be a comic with them and try to reach them and not be static, and deal with them as a robot programmer. Show your personality and treat them in a gentle way.
  • This will make them feel more iPod towards your publications.
  • People always love to guide them.
  • Do not wait for them to do something at the required level unless you ask them to do so.
  • Ask them to share your postings with their friends.
  • Request them to put your page in the watch list first.
  • Ask them to press if they like your posts.
  • Always make interactive publications.

Tips Get Website Traffic From Facebook Fan Pages

  • Put a topic for discussion. Ask your page members to share their opinions about the most things they want.
  • Try as much as possible to make your titles more attractive.
  • Make them intriguing for members to get their attention.
    Avoid cheating.
  • People always tend to retaliate.
  • If you deceive them with false information, or promise them something and do not die, they will take revenge.
  • They will cancel your postcard or unsubscribe from your page and may report your page.
    Always keep rolling out publications.
  • Do not wait until the members of your page forget you and forget your presence. Always be present before them.

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