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Bounce Rate Learn more about This concept and SEO Tips for correct handling

Simplify the bounce rate concept: When you hear the word “bounce rate” in the SEO world it will be difficult to interpret and know its function. This is what I noticed through questions and discussions. So the bounce rate is simply the bounce rate of a visitor on a page. All of us know that the bounce of the ball from the ground is because of its strong and rapid tossing. So we can say that a visitor who enters quickly and exits will have a high bounce rate and this is negative.

Simplify the bounce rate concept

Therefore, all site owners seek to reduce the rate of bounce rate in their sites because they make them more quality and improve the order. In this article we will discuss everything related to the concept of bounce rate and how to deal with it and reduce it.

How to calculate the bounce rate

Bounce Rate is calculated for each page visited within the site, including the home page. It is a percentile measure of page quality and content. It is calculated from several factors, including traffic, visitor time, and visitor interaction within the page. By leaving a comment and clicking the links and moving from page to page within the site.

Why the bounce rate is important

I initially said it’s a measure of the quality of the page. Imagine that the page bounce rate is high, means one or all of these options:

  • Content is weak and inappropriate.
  • Difficulty opening the page.
  • Page load delay.
  • Lack of interest in internal linking.

important-bounce rate

Having one of these reasons can make your site bad. Is Google interested in putting bad sites in the forefront of results? of course no.

How can I get the bounce rate for your website

You can get a bounce rate in Google Analytics. This tool works to track every visitor from the moment he enters the moment he leaves. So it is the only tool that can accurately calculate the bounce rate.
For example, you’ll notice a bounce rate on the statistics homepage as in the picture.

bounce rate-Google Analytics

You can also view the bounce rate for each page on the site. For example, you’ll notice a bounce rate on the statistics homepage as in the picture.

bounce rate-Google Analytics-2

How to reduce the bounce rate

Any positive practice that benefits the user is useful in improving and decreasing the bounce rate. So all the SEO tips that we will remember now are in the interest of the visitor, which in turn is in the interest of the search engine:

How to reduce the bounce rate

  • Content is the king

Yes, content is king. The useful and long-term content will make the visitor stay longer on the page and interact with them. And if the interconnect is good. He will consider moving to other useful pages. So the content should be 100% real useful and long and contains videos and photos.
Imagine a video duration of at least 3 minutes. All this time will be calculated from the time of the visitor within the page. Causing the bounce rate to fall.

  • Internal Links

Moving from one page to another will easily reduce Bounce Rate at a very high and high rate. And attention to Alnavbar to make the visitor to see the sections of the site and other content and push it to move to other pages. Be careful while placing internal or external links on the same page. Make it open in a new window.

  • Speed of the website

The visitor will not wait more than 5 seconds to download the page and upload images and content. When he finds that the page will need a long time. It will immediately close the page and open another result. A slow site will not help a visitor move from page to page. He will not push him to interact with the page because he knows he will have a long time to do it and avoids doing it.

  • Website design

In the ranking, the Bounce Rate, the UX user experience, and many other factors are also fundamental. Imagine if a site design is bad or not responsive. What will be the reaction of the visitor after the first visit. Definitely disgusted and unwilling to return.

  • Other helpful factors that reduce the bounce rate include

  • Facilitate the process of visitor moving from page to page and navigate within the site.
  • Use beautiful and attractive images.
  • Use buttons that work correctly 100% (Call-To-Action).
  • Deleting unnecessary items on the site such as the SafeBar which has no work.
  • Stay away from the annoying openings and many ads inside the page.

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