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Booking iPage Hosting by Video and Get 83% discount + free domain

here we will explain how to start Booking iPage Hosting by Video and 83% discount + free domain

Ipage is one of the leading online hosting companies. What are the advantages and services that you offer and the steps to buy a domain or hosting from the IEG

it is The world’s best hosting companies have 12 years of experience in this field. The sites they host vary from person to blog, social sites and corporate sites, and it is clear to us that it is a flexible company for its diversity of customers. Peace of mind.
First: services are hosting only LINCOS

how to buy an ipage hosting
how to buy an ipage hosting

Second: the rankings of the company in the site of Alexa, it occupies the position of 1,886 globally and 1,177 at the level of America

The most important features of Booking iPage Hosting

Great offers and discounts: From time to time, Ipage offers a lot of great offers and discounts that encourage many webmasters to get their services.
Suitable for those who do not have experience in the field of web design: If you are a beginner in the field of web design and do not know how to build your site, be confident that (I page) will provide you with complete control and simple help you to build your site with the click of a button.

WordPress support: Ipage offers a WordPress hosting service, which is very special as you rarely find a service that offers WordPress hosting alongside other hosting services.
Marketing your site and registering it with all search engines: Of course,Ipage does not help you to get a hosting or domain only. but it is insist to get the trust and satisfaction of the customer .so it offers you the service of advertising your site search engines available for $ 100 online, which will save you Time to get a lot of targeted customers for your site.
Full protection: Ipage offers many protection measures that will help you protect your site from future attacks that can occur to you.
Free Hosting: In addition to the hosting you will choose, you will get a 1GB cloud hosting, which is one of the exclusive features of Ipage, making it a very unique hosting company.

IPage disadvantages

Special control panel :  iPage don’t use the famous cPanel control panel used by most other hosting companies. Instead, the company uses a vDeck control panel to manage the hosting account. Although the control panel is easy and simple, it may be a problem for users who are used to using the cPanel control panel.

in this video we will explain the ipage control panel


Renewal prices : Although IEG prices are very low, only in the purchase price. On renewal, you find that hosting prices are high if we compare them with other hosting companies

The company also does not offer the possibility of reserving a one month hosting in case you are not sure of the feasibility of your project. While most other hosting providers give you the option to buy hosting for a month, 3 months or 6 months, such as HostGator  it  gives you the possibility of booking a hosting for only one month.

Average hosting performance : Although the slow down of the site may be caused by the user in the case of the use of the script was programmed poorly or otherwise. However, the hosting company should provide strong hosting servers that make your site work non-stop and at high speed. At this point, the hosting of iPage is a moderately hosted hosting if we compare it to other hosting companies like SiteGround.


IPage offers only one shared hosting plan. That is, the storage space for files on hosting is unlimited. Bandwidth is also unlimited, the number of databases to be set up and the number of e-mail accounts you can create using your domain is unlimited.

ipage discount
ipage discount

In addition, hosting iPage gives you the possibility to host more than one domain on the same hosting account. You can create unlimited number of sites on the same hosting plan without having to buy another hosting plan without paying any extra costs as well. All you need to do is buy a new domain from either iPage or another company and you’ll host a bundle from the control panel.

In this video you will explain how to book a hosting of iPage in steps explaining the different payment methods and how to get the best discount from the hosting company through the iPage coupon of the site of the Dean of Hospitality, which offers 81% discount of the price of hosting with the free of charge


To Get the discount






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