what is WordPress hosting and best hosting companies

When it comes to famous content management systems WordPress is a best leader and there are stats to support that
(holds 59 percent of the CMS market share). It’s free and basically runs 28% of the Internet, too, it has the most number of templates and plug-ins available for free / paid and open-source any expandable, as required. The best part about WordPress is that they are design it  for everyone, not just developers. All you need to get started with WordPress is a web hosting platform, and we can provide it for you, for free!


Wordpress hosting
WordPress hosting

How to choose the best WordPress hosting for your site?

One of the most common problems facing WordPress users is the problem of choosing the best wordpress webhosting for their site. Choosing a good wordpress webhosting is a great obstacle for many beginners. Hosting WordPress is different from normal hosting though it is compatible with PHP and MySql. Many people do not know that the requirements of any script or program are the resources needed by the script to work only, but not to provide the best performance, especially if your site uses a script that takes up the resources of the server (Server Resources) Kalawardpres known that the WordPress script consumes a lot of resources Servers, especially RAM, which consumes a lot of script and PHP memory, so hosting companies have to offer solutions to host sites that work with WordPress because of the many sites, as the script and WordPress in the growth and continues to become the most frequently used content management scripts, so Hosting companies have launched a dedicated hosting service for WordPress sites only known as hosted WordPress Managed Hosting.

Best wordpress webhosting Companies

Hosting Bluehost and WordPress  ($3.45 )

BlueHost Hosting is hosted by WordPress.Org, because it has proven to be one of the most powerful WordPress add – ons after reviewing its WordPress script team.

The company offers WordPress hosting service developed by a team of company engineers to provide the best performance of the platform without affecting the hosting resources or cause the slow down or stop the site. In addition, Blowhost provides the possibility to install WordPress with the click of a button from the hosting control panel directly without the need to upload the script files and create a database or other things that may be complicated for beginners.

wordpress bluehost
wordpress bluehost

A2 Hosting ( $3.92 )

The company offers a very fast and powerful hosting service, where the speed of hosting is 20 times the speed of other hosting, according to the company ─ Indeed, the hosting service provided by the company is very fast. In addition, the company is one of the first companies to offer hosting support PHP 7 which will add to the speed and performance of your site further. You can install WordPress from within the control panel with a click of a button and easily.

 Inmotion Hosting ( $5.99 )

Inmotion Hosting is one of the largest and oldest independent hosting companies because the company is not owned by any other company. The company offers a great variety of hosting services for all sites and all needs. The company started its operations in 2001 and continues to provide its services so far with high quality and high performance.

DreamHost Hosting ( $7.95 )

DreamHost is one of the best hosting companies in general. The company offers unlimited hosting, but the difference between DreamHost and other companies offering unlimited hosting is that DreamHost offers truly unlimited hosting. While the rest of the companies use the expresion “unlimited” for advertising and apply a “fair use policy” either DreamHost is different from others because it adheres to the full meaning of the expresion.

DreamHost Hosting offers web hosting and hosting services with high quality and efficiency.

 WordPress from HostGator ($5.56 )

HostGetor is the world’s largest and largest hosting company, hosting more than 8 million sites on its servers. HostGetor offers a host of hosting solutions such as shared hosting, shared VPS servers, full servers, cloud hosting, and a WordPress hosting service.


Hosting GreenGeeks ( $3.96 )

Although it is a fairly new company if we compare it  with the other companies on the list, GreenGeeks has managed to hold itself among the largest hosting companies in the world in a short time. The company is currently the largest fully-equipped clean-energy hosting company, providing hosting services to more than 300,000 locations worldwide and growing every day.

One of the most important features of the company is that it offers hosting unlimited resources with the possibility to create unlimited number of sites on the same hosting plan without any additional costs. In addition, it offers the possibility of free transfer of the site and Domains.

 Site Ground Hosting WordPress ( $3.95 )

SiteGround is one of the strongest and best hosting companies specializing in web hosting / blogging using Script and WordPress. And is often the number one company in the lists of the best hosting companies in many sites reviews of hosting companies


We talked about the best wordpress webhosting companies for your wordpress site. You can choose any company of them as you want.



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