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The importance of the Keyword as a factor of Google Rank Factors

We always hear about many SEO factors, and Google rank factors to improve results in search engines. And the Keyword as a factor of Google Rank Factors to improve the results, but the question here: What is The importance of the Keyword?

Keyword are the most important Google rank factors 

Some of Google’s ranking factors are technical, some are software, some are content-specific and others are domain-specific. In this article, we have chosen the most important and influential factors.


Keyword as a factor of Google Rank Factors

Place the keyword in the article is important to Google rank factors

  • Keyword in title

First of all the keyword must exist in the <title> tag.

  • Keyword at the beginning of the title

Preferably the keyword at the beginning of the title, and less important as it departs from the beginning.

  • Keyword in the description

It is important that the keyword in the page description. Some do not see it is very important, but in my opinion make a good difference in the search engine.

Keyword as a factor of Google Rank Factors

  • Keyword in H1 tag

The first thing that search spiders search for after <title> tag is <h1> tag. Then the presence of the keyword in the H1 tag is essential.

  • Keyword Effectively

Focus on the keyword and repeat it within sentences “away from stuffing”.

  • Length of content

Content is preferred in many words, there is no specific number like more than 1000. But content with the most words and longer content, has a preference in the search engine.

  • Keyword density

Reflected negatively if used too much as seen in some forums of stuffing, the density of the keyword should be more than in the context of speech.

  • Explanation of the keyword

This factor has a difference in the supervision, when you talk about Apple “example” you should put an explanation of the word in the content, “Apple Computers”. So that Google does not archiving and classification that you talk about fruits, “Apple.”

  • There is a keyword at the beginning of the domain name

I think this factor is not important because the domain how many words will be until the keyword in the beginning?

  • Having a Keyword in Subdomain

Moz has confirmed that a keyword exists in the Subdomain factor of Google and search engines.

  • Keyword prominence

Also using Keyword in the first 100 words of a page, and its prominence is a good factor in Google.

  • Keyword in the tag h2, h3

is called h2 and h3 subheading, and it is good to use “according to MOZ”.

  • Having a Keyword in Link

An Important Factor of Google.

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