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All about Google Adsense in 2019

Here we ( E helper team ) will talk all about Google Adsense in 2019 like important instructions for the approval process and some steps to achieve that.

Google Adsense in 2019

Important instructions for Adsense approval process in 2019

In 2019, AdSense has changed the approval process because in the previous there are many sites rejected from Google Adsense but now made new publishers easier to do. for example, you should :

1- Make sure you have sufficient pages.

2- Before applying, Construction of traffic.

3- Get a dynamic design of the website and a unique, personalized logo.

4- Remove advertisements from other ad networks.

5- Wait for at least one month.

6- Subscribe or sign up to an AdSense account.

7- Login to your account for AdSense.

8- Add the code for AdSense.

9- Wait for final review and approval for at least 24-48 hours.

Once the Adsense code add to your blog,

It’s going to show blank ads.

Reviewing your application will take 48 hours.

Once your application has been approved,

It will begin to display ads on your blog and you’re going to start making money.

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Here’s the AdSense approval process:

1- Visit to sign up for an AdSense account.

You must enter your website URL like ( ), Name or unit of business, Name of Contact, can specify the address, telephone numbers, email addresses, and perhaps each other will be supplied.
Basic information You don’t have to submit your tin or information about bank accounts at this level. after acceptance, it will happen.

2- AdSense account login creates codes for AdSense.

Place the codes in the sidebar of your blog.

3- Ads will be displayed as blank until the final approval process is complete.

4- The Adsense is usually accepting in 24 to 48 hours.

If you follow the above important instructions to create a unique site that was never previously included with Google Adsense.

So you are not supposed to have any problem approving soon.

Approval may take up to 2 weeks at times.

Make sure the ads not remove.

5- when your account with Google Adsense approve,

you will receive a complimentary email and you can put ads on your blog for Google Adsense.

6- Once you make money with adsense and the earnings reach $ 10. you will receive a PIN verification from Google AdSense to your address. this usually happens after a week to 10 days.

7- Log in to your account for AdSense, and when you receive it, enter the Pin.

8- Congratulations now that all the steps have been completed. once your account is up to $ 100, Google will either send you your earnings or wire them.

We recommend you to allow direct transfers to AdSense for payments.

Important note about Google Adsense:

Only put ads code on sites that comply with the guidelines of Google Adsense here.
Do not click on your own ads and never ask anybody else or your friends to click on their own ads! That will shut down your account.

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