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All about updates Google penguin in addition to we will know all about Google sanctions forms which specialize in it in this article on our site E-helper Team.

Google Penguin

History of Google Penguin

Google opened the “webspam algorithm update” formally in 2012, which spam choose specifically as aim and in addition to manipulative links also.

The webspam algorithm will update later, recognize formally as an update to Penguin, this quote from Matt Cutts tweet.

Matt Cutts was the leader of the Google webspam team at that moment.

While Google officially named the name Penguin algorithm, there is no official decision for causing that name to come from.

While The name of the Panda algorithm originated from one of the most important key engineers.

The number of links was a larger factor when a web page was scored and Google indexed and analysed before the Penguin algorithm.

This implied when websites rank through these search outcomes pages scores,
Some websites of low quality and content parts showed the organic search findings emerged in more prominent positions than they ought to have.

Google Penguin: Google sanctions forms

Warnings link

By mid-March approximately, Google started to take action against certain web sites or blog networks that appeared primarily and to the participants, this seemed primarily intended to create links for them hoping to boost rankings.
This was done to increase the quality of the global rankings and to strengthen it.
And in this same month but almost at the end, Google sent a number of warnings to a number of sites for pointing to “artificial links”.
in mid-March, if you saw your traffic fall, It might be one of two reasons.
First of all, Google may no longer allow traffic, from the weight-bearing networks you were linking but you are not punished,
you just don’t benefit anymore.

The penalty for over-optimization

Initially, Google advised that will come punishment for “over-optimization”.

This is the punishment google spoke of,

“over-optimization” it doesn’t intend to but it’s hard to pin, Spam is quite complete,
That’s on spam.

A parked mistake of domains

In April, especially around the 17th day,
Several sites were reported to have lost traffic, this turned out to be an issue of how Google classified them wrongly as domains parked.
So If you dropped as your traffic in April month in day 17 approximately, it’s may relate to that.
Those who caused in that may be two updates Google Panda or Penguin.

(-) SEO

(-) Seo Content or It called “Negative SEO” is a severe issue now.

because The concept is if you’re in a web site,

blog network or you have links paid,

which maybe you could hurt,

then someone might point the wrong links until damage to another site.

Google recognizes that in some restricted instances this can occur.

over the years we haven’t had many websites complain that adverse SEO has struck them.

It’s not an issue for most websites,

because there are enough excellent signals on excellent websites,

to their advantage which bad ones sound.

Source: Google Penguin (Wikipedia)

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