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Hurry to join Agoda Affiliate and get a commission up to 60%

first Agoda Affiliate is one of the leading affiliate programs in the world. The program combines the best tools, the best prices, and the ability to drive visitors to make a high commission booking. All affiliate program features, multilingual support and currency support are designed to give you great tools to drive your visitors to make a booking.

first what is Agoda Affiliate ?

first “, an online travel agency (OTA), specializes in hotel reservations, particularly in Asia. and Headquartered in Singapore, it has several branches located in Bangkok, Kuala Lumpur, Tokyo, Sydney, Hong Kong and Budapest with additional support from several offices in major cities in Asia and Africa, the Middle East, Europe and the Americas

agooda affiliate
agooda affilate

why ia Agooda different

How to Participate in Agoda Affiliate

first Simply go to the registration page in our Affiliate Program and fill out the registration form. also Please ensure that you read and agree to the Affordable Partner Agreement before submitting your application. All requests are subject to review before they are granted access to the Partner Center.

then You have no costs as a partner. There are only positive aspects of joining a partner’s affiliate program, such as your ability to earn commission from selling hotel rooms through your site. All you need to do is to send a customer to the best, using our links, banners or other more sophisticated tools.

Application for registration
Application for registration

Introduce our free apparatuses

Once you’ve completed the speedy join, begin acquiring commission by including these extraordinary advertising apparatuses from Agoda to your locales. They’re absolutely free, and they’ve been demonstrated to build activity.

affiliate tools
affiliate tools

Can not I become an affiliate without having a website?

first You must have a site before you apply for a subscription as a partner.and There are many free online sites where you can build your site in just a few minutes.  also  Exceptions may be made to travel agents, but in this case additional papers will be requested. Re-converting a link without a site is strictly prohibited.

Different tools for integration are available, ranging from easy-to-use tools to more sophisticated ones. Quick insertion of links and banners can take place within a few moments and do not require any technical skills. More sophisticated options include custom search boxes and a multilingual information server.

Can I use the best travel content on my website?

It provides its affiliates with banner links, text links and other tools for use on the affiliate website, including hotel information and details. No matter where you’re on the premises or using our secure online booking form

What percentage of the commission does the affiliate receive?

first they baseThe commission  on the number of bookings completed within one calendar month. The term “completed bookings” means full bookings. Ie bookings made by the owners at the hotel and left. All commissions are calculated from our net profit margin from each booking.  The following is the scale of our commission:

Number of bookings completed Partner commission rate

1 – 49


50 – 99


100 – 199


200 – 999




The formula used to calculate the amount due is as follows:

Commission paid = (CI – HI – (CI * PP) * ACP)

CI = customer invoice (amount paid by customer to us)
HI = hotel bill (the amount we paid for the hotel)
PP = Transaction Processing Ratio = 2.6%
ACP = Partner commission rate
Please note that this indicator is subject to change in accordance with the terms of the Affiliates Agreement.

 How and When do I get my dues?

We pay your dues through direct bank transfer.   they will transferr Your entitlement one month after your guest has left the hotel., if you stay from 28 March to 4 April,  they will  pay for you in May. they calculate The commission  on the first day of each month, with payment due by the 15th of the month.and  The minimum commission payment is US $ 200. you lower the commission amount due for $ 200, payment they will  delay payment until your commission balance reaches the minimum payment limit.

Is it important to type the site I own and its location?

they work with different types of websites, from small personal web pages to large business sites, and there are no restrictions on the location of these sites. they welcome applicants from any country. If your site is specific to travel and targets hotels, you have a good chance of success. Please note that your application  they may  reject for several reasons,  they will  disapprove your site if it contains offensive, offensive, obscene, racist, or illegal content. Other terms and conditions  include in the Affiliates’ Affordable Agreement.



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