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Most easy and easy ways to make money from eBay

easy ways to make money from eBay

eBay is one of the most important websites when it comes to online buying and selling, it enables many small traders to open international stores to market their products around the world.
This e-store offers an excellent opportunity for you whether you are a simple seller of your own store or you are working on shipping routes, whether you are offering new products or used products. With eBay, you have the opportunity to market your products wherever and wherever

the easiest and easy ways to make money from eBay

We’ll learn about one of the easiest and easy ways to make money by selling products you do not own on eBay easily, and get more profit

If you are smart and sell great good products, be sure you will be able to make significant amounts of money every day. This depends on getting products from other shopping sites and placing them on eBay.


The way to make amounts of money from eBay

First to profit from the sale of products must be available on the money will not say $ 100, but any amount will be able to start even if only $ 5

The way you sell products that you do not own on eBay and make money is very easy. Just search for the good commodities in other shopping sites such as Then put them on your eBay platform yourself

Start by going to eBay and creating your own account

The way to set up an eBay account is very simple go to this link You can set up an eBay account to make sales and purchase transactions and you can register it easily by filling in your data such as your name, email, address, and approval of the terms and after registration, you will receive a message containing a link to activate the account after the creation of the account and activate it you can access the control panel to the account

After creating the account and logging in, you have to change the price of the good to win

How to change the price of the good to win

first, click the sell

creating your own account
Click to sell

then  Click on sell it myself

sell myself
sell me

Now you will see another interface Take the product information you have selected and put it in the interface, and as I put it as it is, just change the price for any price you want:

change the price
change the price

Now that you have sold the item you placed on the eBay platform, you must take the title of the buyer and all his information and go to the shopping site from which you took the commodity and then buy it and put the buyer information to arrive at the item:

put the buyer information
put the buyer’s information

As you can see, they sell the item successfully but as a note, you will only be able to use the money you received after 20 days because you are a new seller, but over time you will get your money on the same day.

How to be a professional seller on eBay

There are several steps if applied well you can win in this area, and be a professional seller are as follows: –

market study

You should study the e-commerce market well, so you know very well what the most competitive goods vendors are. what they offer to the consumer, how they attract them, and try to impose your own offerings in this area, which should be more attractive than sellers’ offers Others to be able to attract the consumer to you, Donna, from the rest of the sellers.

Create a brand

the consumer trusts a Brand more than anything, so you can provide your own brand of your products more than the rest of the other products, which gives the item more credibility.

High quality

You must pick high-quality goods to sell to the consumer. The better the goods, the more confidence you will have, and the more you will be able to buy again.

Cost of goods

some sellers think the higher the price raises the value of the good, but that does not always apply in all cases.

We can say that jewelry accessories can be of a higher price because their value justifies being high in price.

As for normal and traditional goods, why would they be high priced ?! Care must be taken from this point because the consumer is not completely oblivious to the market price.

So you have to set profitable prices for the commodity but at the right limit, not too much.

Keeping records

If you are a salesman, you must make a sales and purchasing record so that you can really make a profit. Careful steps in this area prevent you from falling into the trap of loss.

If every concrete step is to make good on the amount spent on the goods purchased. the amount deducted as commissions

Personal touches

Personal touches are required in this area, and the buyer does not have to buy from you but can go to others, because there are simply hundreds of others.

So you should maintain personal contact between you and the buyer, and do not feel like the goods you sell him want to get rid of him once the money is received.

in this video  How to be a professional seller on eBay in 3 month


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